Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Mixed Up Crazy Good Day!

I woke up really tired this morning.
Brady had a hard time getting up too.
Our sleep schedule is a little off from our holiday travels and driving through the night. Twice.
I let him sleep in an extra 20 minutes before I woke him up for school.
This caused us to rush around a little more than usual.

Homework in backpack-yes.
Lunch packed-yes.
Form filled out-yes.
Pick up note written-yes.
Library books-yes.
Teeth brushed-yes.

Brady and I drove up to the bus stop because it's COLD out there!
The bus is usually a few minutes behind on Mondays for some reason.
We waited and waited and waited.......
Why is the bus so late?
We waited some more.
Did we miss the bus?
Brady said jokingly, "maybe there's no school today!"
Could it be?  We were the only ones at the bus stop.

We came back to the house and checked the school calendar.
Sure school today.
Or tomorrow!
How did I not know this?!

Imagine thinking you have school...and then you don't!
It was almost like a snow day!

I had my list of things "to do" waiting for me.
You know how it is when you've been out of have catching up to do!
I decided to put my list aside...those things can wait.
I have missed this guy this past week...
he forgets all about me when his cousins are around!

We played a few games of Yahtzee....

made cookies....

 watched the movie Prancer and had hot chocolate.

We had a really good day.
It was nice to just hangout and relax after the busy holiday week.

Tomorrow we are not getting up early for school!



Anonymous said...

OMG that's just too funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one to do crazy things like that! What a nice surprise for Brady :)

Stef said...

That is like a gift wrapped up just for you! What a good mom to throw you list into the wind. I love it!! And I also love how Brady is scmooshing the cookie boy!!
Enjoy your sleeping in while the rest of us fight to get our kids outta bed!

Cindy said...

Wow...I know two little girls that would have LOVED that little surprise!!! How lucky for you two. A day off is one thing, but a surprise day off, now that doesn't happen very often.:)
You spent it in the perfect way too...together. Making each other happy and making some yummy looking cookies too. I know FOUR girls who would have loved some of those!!;)
Hope today is equally as lovely!

I know just what you mean about missing them when company is here...I feel sooo the same way!

Nicolle said...

What a blessing in disguise!!! I'm so glad you were able to have such a fun day together. Good for you for putting your to do list aside. You're such a good mama!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! And lucky Brady too! That sounds like a great day of activities for anyone. I might have to dust off the old Yahtzee game this weekend :)

Steph S. said...

that is a NICE surprise! I want to hang out with you two, you do things that I really love :) haha... hot cocoa and christmas movies, and baking chocolate chip cookie "sticks"... don't be surprised if you find me on your doorstep this month! haha!

Jill said...

LOL! what a great treat! At least you were up early enough to enjoy the day and have fun! Those choc bars sure look yummy! Have a wonderful day!

Jen said... fun!
And do you always have cookie dough on hand?
Have fun!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kerri, I KNOW Isay this in almost every single are such a good mom!!!!!
Have a pretty day!

Jenny said...

Oh how funny Kerri, you crack me up! I love it that you put aside all your other stuff to spend time with your number one guy. Enjoy.

sloan said...

So funny, Kerri - my kids also had a 'bonus' day off yesterday and a friend of mine did the same as you, thinking they had school ... when she told me, we said the same thing about how it was like a "snow day" for them - sounds like you made GREAT use of your bonus time, such a fun day ;-)

gabe said...

what a great day. . .all the more so, because it was unexpected!!

I thought I was the only one who does things like that:)

Bridget said...

Oh what a great day!! I'm glad you and Brady got to spend it together doing fun things together.

Cherie said...

What a fantastic surprise!! Funny that that would happen :-D
I love the day you and Brady got to spend together doing fun things. Perfect Perfect day!

Pam said...

So fun! What a great day!

Anonymous said...

awww What a fun day! I love having those kinds of days with my munchkin :)

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