Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Broken Foot

See the bump on top of Brady's foot?  A trip to urgent care proved
that it was indeed broken.  It actually happened the day before
in gym class...but Brady neglected to tell his teacher and went about his day as usual.  After school,  he went straight to basketball practice for a couple of hours, and then came home.  Long story short....he said his foot was fine and begged me to give it another day to see if the swelling might go down.

Swelling obviously didn't go down...and so off we went.

Thankfully Brady only needed the crutches three days and 
then he was able to walk on his air cast.  One funny thing about
Brady is that he never wants to draw attention to himself...he will avoid it at all costs.  He begged and pleaded to stay home that Friday so he wouldn't have to go to school with crutches.  I assured him that he wasn't the first person to ever go to school with an injury :)  And, lo and behold....he survived!

One of Brady's first concerns when he found out his foot was
broken was how he would get his daily steps goal with his Fitbit!
Oh to have such big worries in life!  

Only a week and a half left before he goes back to the surgeon for another xray and then he should be good to go.  Basketball season ends next week.  He continues to go to all the practices and games even though he can't play.  
I remind him that he's LUCKY to be almost thirteen (and so active) and only had one broken bone!  

We're anxious for things to get back to normal because all that extra energy he has is starting to wear us all down...if you know
what I mean. ;)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Flashback Friday {Christmas 2015}

I think I'm going to use Fridays to record things I
want to remember over the last couple of years...things that didn't
make the blog because I was on my extended break!  

Brady took this picture.  We had just finished decorating our tree.  As he gets older I worry that he might not feel the same excitement for these traditions as he has in the past.  But, he continues to prove me wrong.  He loves tradition too and decorating our tree as a family is pretty high up there on my list of favorites.

Eric took this picture and I never even knew it until looking through my photos.  It might be my favorite picture of us ever.  Messy hair, sweatshirt and no make up....don't care.  This is my boy and I making his favorite Christmas treat- oreo cookie truffles.  He said that he will make these with his kids someday.  I have said this before.... Brady is going to make a great husband someday.  He has always been so affectionate.  Someday meaning when he is 30 :)

We only made a couple easy treats this Christmas and kept it pretty simple.  I need to remember this new discovery for next year because it made for a wonderful almost stress free month.

Speaking of stress free....I took this simple tray to a get together with friends.  I opened up jars of olives and pickles and added some greenery.  It was a big hit and I didn't spend tons of time preparing beforehand in the kitchen.  Easy.

This is our annual dinner with friends...and that's Eric and I 
in the back ruining the picture!  The funny thing was that none of them had any idea until they looked at their cameras hours later!

Brady opened up new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  He said it's one of his favorite traditions....I did not know this!  He's always very of the qualities I love about him.

We didn't need to wear coats to church on Christmas Eve.
I secretly pretended we were living in a warm state. :)

The past couple couple of years we thought we were too busy
and didn't make time to go to church on Christmas Eve.  This year
we went and it was a wonderful service.   With my husband and son sitting beside me...the true meaning of Christmas was received loud and clear and I knew without a doubt we tried to have this in our hearts all month long.  We changed things up a bit this year.  And I'll be honest...I was a bit worried at first. Brady came to us right before Thanksgiving and said he didn't want any presents this year.  Instead, he wanted the money that we usually spend on him to go to a family member that was struggling. I remember patting him on the back and saying that was awfully nice of him to say that and that we would talk about it.  Brady was relentless though...and wasn't going to let us dismiss his wish.  I feel bad admitting this...but I've always been about the presents.  I only have one child.  I like that surprise on Christmas morning when he walks into the living room and sees a crazy number of gifts under and around the tree.  But I learned something big this year thanks to my son...and I pray that I won't ever forget it.   We ended up getting Brady just a few gifts, he got Eric and I each a small gift, and Eric and I each got each other a small gift....and it was truly the best Christmas ever. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A few years ago I read the the book Room.  I liked it so much I asked Eric to read it so we could discuss it.  I think my husband has read three books in the nineteen years I've know him!  Ok, maybe that's not true...but he really is not a big lay around read a book kind of guy.  He liked the book too and even said he hoped someday there would be a movie.

So, when Eric heard the movie was nominated for an academy award...he looked it up to see where it was playing.  The film has a limited release and is only showing at four theaters in Pennsylvania.  Thankfully, Room was being shown at a small theater in Allentown which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from us.

I honestly didn't even know the book was made into a movie. Sometimes I am in my own little world.  I don't usually watch the award shows and I only go see a movie if it's something I really want to see.  I would much rather watch a movie in my pajamas in my own living room.  However, I was pretty darn excited when Eric told me he got us tickets!

  The Civic Theater of Allentown was one of the neatest old theaters I've ever been in.  One big room with bright old red seats and a ceiling that was grand and ornate and deteriorated that kept us looking up before the movie started.  Next time I will get a picture of the concession lady dressed up working behind the round counter with the prettiest display of snacks and drinks...just like old times.

I think Eric was a little worried because more times than not when I read a book and then see the movie...I complain that the movie did not stay true to the book.  However, this movie did not disappoint.   We both cried off and on through the whole movie....sorry babe!  The bond between a mother and child is something you can't explain and I think the mother and son in this movie did an unbelievable job portraying this. Eric and I talked about the movie most of the drive back home.  

Such a fun date night...thanks Eric for surprising me!

And, if Room is playing near you...go see it!

Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Time

When I look back over my last few blog posts besides being few and far between, they all say the same thing...I miss blogging.  I have decided it's time to get back to doing a few things that make me a happier person...and that includes coming to this space.

I often feel short on time and busy and rushed and behind and scattered.  It's a terrible state that leaves me feeling empty and unaccomplished.  So, I have made some changes...and I look forward to having a bit more time here and there to come to this little blog and record things I want to remember and to connect with friends out in blogland.  My friend Jen is getting back into the scene...and I am joining in!   I  won't be blogging every day...but I know I can make time here and there because it's something that's important to me.  It's time to put myself back on the list and back in the game.  No crazy wonderful posts...just little pieces of our life that are our day to day.  

Talk to you soon!

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