Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday!

Since most of the pictures I take lately are with my cell phone, I thought
I would post some of my instagram pictures from the week on Friday like Cindy does!
If you have already seen these pictures on instagram- feel free to skip this post!
Almost everytime we eat at McDonalds, I take a picture.  It has become a joke.
I think people think we eat here a LOT...and I guess we do.
(Good thing I don't take a picture everytime!)
Brady and I made hamburger cookies.  It's one of those things I just know he will
do with his kids someday.  We make them at least once every summer.
Had to go shoe shopping.
His favorite tennis shoes got a hole...right through to his sock!  I think they are
everyones favorite right now.  I tried to order them online at three different tennis stroes
and they were all sold out.
It's hard to get out the door without Steffi trying to sneak her way into the van for a ride!
Writing to Grandma.
I've been enjoying this all week.  Have you tried lemon and basil in your water?
Brady bought a snow cone machine...not this one's even better.
It's the mother of all snow cone machines...or at least the ones we've seen.
He researched them and read reviews before
deciding on one.
I've lost count of how many snow cones Brady has made me in the last few days!
Good thing we bought some sugar free syrup!
Have you tried these?  I found them at Walmart.  The caramel coffee ones are good too!
Turkey burgers with THESE onions were unbelievable!
And, THIS sweet potato and asparagus side was a keeper also.
Trying to pay off that snow cone machine!
I'm addicted to this slushy!  Strawberries, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 cup diet 7 up and lots of ice.
He thinks he's so cool because he gets it right on the dollar amount everytime!
Waiting for Brady to get home.
I think Brady needs a bigger bike!
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Garden

Brady has hinted the last two summers that he would like to do a garden.
It's never really been my thing...but I figured if it was something he was interested
in and that we could do together, it was worth a try!
We decided to do a container garden this first year to see if it was something we could
keep up with. 
We stopped by the re-use it store and picked up these items.
We also hit some garage sales one Saturday morning...we were on a mission!
Brady chose blue for some of the pots. 
And I chose yellow.
Check out that smile...spray painting is FUN!
We planted tomatoes.
 Brady picked out a strawberry plant.

We planted some herbs.
A little lavendar just because it smells so good!
Jalapenos and green peppers.
We found this little cart for 25 cents at a garage sale.
We gave them a dollar and told them to keep the change!
So cute, and worth the dollar I think!
While we were at it, Brady helped me spray paint our adirondack chairs
for the 3rd or 4th time.  It's not the color I thought it would be...but I didn't feel like
buying more spray paint.  This will do until next summer.
We also planted cucumbers and blueberries.
Brady was most excited about the blueberries and....
the lemon tree he talked me in to.
These pictures are all from mid May.  We can't believe how fast things
are growing.  Brady and I water and check on our plants daily.
He even asked our neighbor to come over and see our things the other day.
He is excited.  I have to admit, it is neat to see our plants growing every day.
I especially love that it is our thing that we are doing together.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ten on Ten {June}


  Ten pictures on the tenth of the month trying to capture the beauty in the everyday moments.

Today was our first day of summer vacation.
It rained buckets all day...and our vehicle was in for repairs.
So, we stayed home and enjoyed a much needed day of hanging out.
{Finally woke up at 9am!}
{Our summer list}
{Asked if he could make brownies for our neighbor}
{Yep, still raining}
{electonics time...which is being timed}
{Still working on getting my shorts buttoned}
{Perfect day for reading}
{I always get the mail...except on rainy days!}
{A little ride to the strawberry stand}
{Before he deliveries brownies...I should inform him about his shoe situation}
Such a good relaxing ordinary day.
We are looking foward to more days just like this one!
You can go HERE to see this month's ten on tens.



Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Day Of Fourth Grade

{First day of 4th grade}

It rained all day so we were not able to get an outside picture.
I think it's the first time since Brady started school that it rained on the last day of school.

Brady's teacher was asked to move up from 3rd grade to 4th grade this year....
so Brady was fortunate to have him for two years.

I was fretting about what to give him.
And then, I remembered THIS post that I wrote a few years ago.

Brady and I made him hamburger cookies and got him a gift card.
A few of you asked about those cookies.  I posted about them HERE.

But more importantly, Eric and I wrote Mr. B. a thank you letter.
And in true Mr. B. fashion, he gave Brady a thank you card for his gift...
and he sent an email to us about Brady that made me cry.

I was emotional all day.  I know...suprise, suprise.
I do much better with beginnings than endings.

I was able to attend the 5th grade graduation in the morning.
The 4th graders have the privelage of attending the graduation ceremonies too.
I couldn't believe how teary I kept getting during the program....because that will be my
child graduating from elementary school next year.  Moving on....

I wanted to briefly mention that my first year back to work exceeded my expectations.
It was a wonderful year.  I loved working with the kindergarteners and first graders.  I loved
my co-workers.  I think for the most part the transition went pretty smoothly. 
I sometimes felt overwhelmed at home trying to do it all...but I had help from
my husband...and I had weekends to catch up.
Even though I didn't see Brady often, I loved knowing he was in the same building.
I also loved that he chose to ride with me to and from school.
Brady enjoyed it too...he told me often he was proud of me.
(I jokingly told him I had to work to help pay for all his tennis shoes!)

We listened to this song and this song everyday on our way to school.

I often worried about not doing enough.
For example, I did not have the time to pull off this like last year.
Instead, I gave Brady a bag of swedish fish when we got into the van after
school and he was thrilled.
It was definitely harder to do the little extra things that make me feel like a good mom.
But in the end, I was the only one who noticed.
Brady is just a happy easy going boy who doesn't need all the extras
all the time.  He knows he is loved. 

When Brady walked into my room after school yesterday I knew
immediately that he had good news. 
He was so proud to show me this-

I am excited for him.  He has worked hard and made good choices since
kindergarten in hopes of getting to be on the safety committee.  I think he will be
a good one.

I often tell Brady to stop getting taller, or to not grow up so fast.  I give him way
more hugs and kisses a day than is probably normal for a kid his age.  I remind him
periodically that he will always be my little boy.  But, lately I have had a shift in
thinking.  And yesterday,  I asked him if he knew what age I liked best.  He
probably thought I would say when he was 3!  I told him right now is my
favorite age.  I love that we can have good conversations, he can express
his feelings, he can enjoy a little freedom once in awhile, we do fun things together,
and that I really like the boy he is becoming.  You should have seen his smile!
He said, "I just love you Mom."
He is growing up....
and I am going to enjoy every bit of this journey that I am so lucky to be on.
Happy summer everyone!

Monday, June 3, 2013

13 Years With My Love

Eric and I celebrated our 13th anniversary last Friday at this
adorable cottage about 20 minutes away from our house.
All of the pictures are from my cell phone.  I took my camera but forgot the camera card.
Eric said that might not have been such a bad thing. :)
I had seen pictures of the cottage on the website...but when we pulled down the lane
and saw the cottage nestled in this beautiful wooded setting, we were speechless.
( I may have even started clapping!)
The cottage is a recently restored stone house that was built in the 1700's.
It sits in a secluded spot beside a beautiful creek.
The rear shaded stone patio overlooks the creek.
We could have sat in those comfy chairs forever.  Really.

When we walked into the cottage, there was a boquet of lilacs on the kitchen table.
Lilacs are my favorite...and you can imagine how the sweet smell filled the entire place.
Everywhere we looked, the cottage was filled with little touches of love.
Eric and I enjoyed looking through journals of all
the different couples who have stayed at the cottage.
Couples from California, Texas, Florida, Canada, Australia to name a few have enjoyed
this little romantic spot.  Many of the couples wrote such heartfelt words.   What a gift
this place has been to so many people.
Eric and I made dinner in the little kitchen.  We both agreed it was one of our favorite meals.
I had everything put together, we just needed to bake it and cook the asparagus.
We had cheesecake for dessert and our favorite champagne.
Everything here is so quiet and peaceful.
We opened the windows so we could hear the creek. 
No t.v. or computers...just talking and relaxing.
I really hope we get to go back again someday.
To see pictures and a video of the cottage you can go HERE.
If you live in the area or are passing by...I highly recommend staying here...
especially if you are celebrating an anniversary. ;)
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