Friday, November 5, 2010

Da Doo Ron Ron

    Shaun Cassidy

I know I'm dating myself here big time...but I was pretty excited that Shaun Cassidy was on Oprah yesterday!  I even got a little teary when he started singing...pretty weird, I know.  There were lots of 40 and 50 yr old ladies in the audience that were pretty excited too!
He sang a medley of his hit songs.  If you're old like me and want to see it, here's the video.  I was seven when the song Da Doo Ron Ron was a number one hit.   I had a powder blue satin jacket with his picture on the back!  I loved that jacket!

Isn't it funny how teen idols come and go from generation to generation.
In middle school, I really liked Ralph Macchio! (Karate Kid)
Who was your teen heartthrob? 
You know...the ones you would check out in Tiger Beat!


Jen said...

I went to his concert when I was in the second grade....with my Dad!
Loved the happy Days gang...Scott Baio.
8 is enough...Willie Ames.
Dukes of Hazard boys too.

I hate I missed Oprah yesterday. Thanks for the link!

Cindy said...

Oh Shaun.....he did have a few spots of honor on my bedroom walls that's for sure! My first crush was Donny Osmond and I had the purple walls and purple socks to prove it.:) After the Hardy Boys came out, I kind of jumped ship to Parker Stevenson. And once Grease came out it was John Travolta all the way!!!
Thanks for the flashback Friday!!:)
Enjoy the day Kerri

Karen said...

We were flipping channels yesterday and came across Oprah when the Backstreet Boys were singing. Edison asked me ,"Mom, are only girls allowed to go see those guys sing?" I guess he noticed the demographic of the audience.

Oh, how I remember Shaun Cassidy too! (We're from the same generation Kerri). I have second Jen's vote for the Dukes of Hazard on behalf of my sister. She used to kiss the tv when Bo Duke was on.

Isn't it weird? I can't think of who I really carried a torch for. But, I definitely remember sighing over Tiger Beat magazine and cutting out pics of my favorites.

Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

Who didn't I have a crush on is more like it!

I had a crush on all the New Kids On The Block. My favorite was Donnie though, he was the "bad boy" of the group. I also liked anyone who older sister liked --> Billy Idol *swoon* I like the bad boys I guess! Zack Morris, from Saved By the Bell, he will always be my #1 preppy :)

Steph S. said...

OH MY GOSH! haha! My mom called me when Oprah was coming on and was like "SHAUN CASSIDY is singing today!!! and THE BACKSTREET BOYS! you loved the bsb, remember???!? You have to turn it on!!!" I said 'Mom... of course i remember... I still have crushes on them', lol. SHe loved Shaun's performance!

I mentioned your fantastic blog on my post today, so please be sure to stop by and check it out!

Jenny said...

Hands down, John Travolta! I loved him so much, even on Welcome Back Kotter. I still blush when I see him (especially when he is dancing or driving the motorcycle in Wild Hogs- holy hotness!) My hubby rolls his eyes at me but he knows I have loved him forever. Ahh, sigh, might have to watch Grease tonight.

Nicolle said...

I had some strange crush on Andy Gibbs. Don't ask! :) I had "I LOVE ANDY GIBBS" written on everything in my room. haha.

Traci said...

LOVED Karate Kid, and C.Thomas Howell from "The Outsiders!"

I Said So... said...

I LOVED Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains). I was convinced I would marry him...awww, the innocence of youth.

Bridget said...

Yeah, definitely Kirk Cameron and Jason Bateman ;)

Stef said...

Kirk Cameron was Hot.

Cherie said...

That is so funny! I missed that episode of Oprah. I actually remember liking his older brother when I was about 7 and watched the Partridge Family every week.
I loved John Travolta, Scott Baio, Jon Bon Jovi, Kirk Cameron, Andy Gibb and Michael Jackson (before he got weird) - Oh my, there were so many. But the weirdest one was probably Burt Reynolds - haha. He was WAYYYYY to old for me but I thought he was hot!

sloan said...

I was TOTALLY a Shaun fan - also loved Donny Osmond and Scott Baio ... *sigh* ... *swoon* ...

Susan said...

I had the same jacket, but mine was pink.
I might still be able to sing along to his songs....I mean I remember them.

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