Friday, November 19, 2010

What Would You Do?

We're having a little shoe dilema over here.
Brady wore his new Adidas sneakers on the first day of school Aug. 30th.
A month and a half later, he can no longer where them because his toe is coming out the bottom!

This is his 4th pair of Adidas shoes. 
He always wants the same style and color.
The people at the Adidas Outlet are very kind to give us 30% off everything in the store...
since he is a walking advertisement for them!
(I also may have mentioned to them that he would like to sign a contract with them someday!)
Anyway, I'm kind of a slow learner and finally realized I can't keep buying new shoes every month or so...
and probably not those Adidas ones!

I found a pair of Nike shoes that have a reinforced leather toe made specifically for tennis. 
They were $75.00 but on sale for $60.00 which is way way more than I usually spend.
But if they could last six months...they would be worth it!
Called hubby at work...he said to get them.
Called my girlfiriend (cause hubby never says no)...she said I'm spending $35-40 every month on sneakers anyway....
So, I bought them.
And we made a new rule. 
These sneakers would only be worn for tennis.

And, one month and two days later....this is what those stupid sneakers look like:

Brady only wears these to the tennis courts. 
Granted, he plays almost everyday...but....
somedays for an hour, other days for two or three.
These shoes look like crap.
It's hard to see, but the tread is completely gone.

I've never returned shoes before...but I'd really like to return these.
Is that allowed?
I still have the receipt.
These shoes were double what I would ever spend on shoes for myself.
Don't get me wrong...I know that the court surface is rough and there's
lots of quick movements and lunging forward which will definately
wear down a shoe.
I just can't keep doing this every month.

Can I return shoes after 32 days of wearing them?!
Will I get my money back?
Or will I get the same shoes again?
Should I get the same shoes again?

We have a tennis store about 35 minutes from us called Fromuth.
Maybe we should go see what they would suggest.

Thanks for listening to me complain.

What would you do?


Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Since you asked... ;)

You need to start shopping at Nordstrom!!! They take ANYTHING back, no questions time limit. Costco does, too, but I'm not sure how their shoe selection is...

Anonymous said...

I don't think the store would take them back, maybe though. Does not hurt to try. I would try and if it did not work then I would find a way of getting through to Nike directly. I would think they have some sort of customer service line. That is nuts to buy shoes only to have to replace them after a month. I would not be a happy camper. Hope it all works out and that the tennis store is able to give you a good suggestion about which shoe might last :)

Jenny said...

I would take them to the store and explain what happened, you have the receipt so they can't really argue. They might give you a refund or a discount on the next pair. I guess you have to go the specialty store, that is crazy to have to buy shoes all the time. Sorry honey, that stinks!

jen said...

This is my response:
Welcome to the world of worn-out-before-it's-outgrown boy stuff. Personally, I don't think you're going to find a better shoe that will last any longer. My big boys wore through their $75 Pumas in about 7 weeks. Just wearing them to school.
There is no shoe that is boy proof.
You can try taking them back.
Good Luck.
Afraid I was little help.

Holly Erwin said...

I follow your blog anonymously (seems weird to say aloud) but I would definitely take them back. Most stores have a 90 day policy and surely they will agree that this type of wear and tear in a month's time is quite impressive!

Try Dillard's from now on-- they will take shoes back even if it has been years!!
I personally am not that hard on shoes but I have friends who have used the Dillard's rule to their benefit.

P.S. I loved how you said you called a friend after your husband said yes... my husband is the same way, so I too always call my more frugal friends when I think I may be on the verge of a wreckless splurge!

Cindy said...

Goodness Kerri! That stinks!!! Oh I hate paying good money for things and having them last way less time then you think they should/would. My advice is to give it a try. I guess it can't hurt. They might do it once just to keep your business. As far as buying them again..I would try that tennis specialty store first.

Karen said...

That's a big chunk of money to be spending on shoes. I'm not sure if the store would refund or not. But, if they don't or aren't able, I would google the address for the upper levels of Nike and write to them with your story plus the pictures. They may send you a voucher or a coupon of some sort to try to keep your business.

Karen said...

I found this info at Unfortunately it sounds like you are just past the 30 day mark for returning for any reason. It says,

"If you need to return an item purchased at a Nike Retail Store, you must return it to a Nike Retail Store. See below for some of the different USA Nike Retail Store return policy scenarios.
With an original Nike Retail receipt:
Merchandise can be returned for a refund or exchange for any reason within 30 days of the date of purchase. After 30 days, merchandise must be unworn and unwashed to receive a refund or exchange. Refunds will be issued based on the original form of payment. Photo ID required for all returns."

sloan said...

That really stinks that the pricey shoes wore out too ... but I think it's *definitely* worth your time and effort to take them back and explain what happened ... especially since you have the receipt to prove how fast they wore out! What's the worst that can happen? I say you have to at least try ... good luck!!

PS - that potato corn chowder looks so good - definitely gonna try it, thanks!!

Jill said...

Wow Kerri, that's awful, you would think they were better designed. What about sending the pics and contacting nike's corporate office? Couldn't hurt right? Maybe they would send you a new pair? Good luck with everything:-)

Nicolle said...

I am really bad about doing this when I am not happy with a product, but I would find their website and let them know what happened and how you feel, even share this link with them. I'm not kidding! I have had some fantastic results doing this.

I just think those shoes should have lasted longer, even if he is wearing them daily. That's crazy!

I Said So... said...

I say contact Nike if you can't get them to at least give you a new pair. My DAUGHTER has the same pair (girl version) and they have held up beautifully. And, she's a rough girl! Maybe boys are just soooooo tough! :) Good luck!

Stef said...

I have just decided that most my money for my boys will be spent on milk and shoes. They just are so rough on them. I say, try and get your money back. 34 days is not long. I would even maybe call Nike if the store doesn't help. It's worth a try. I bet you will get some kind of deal off it anyway. Good luck. Let us know what happens....

Cherie said...

I hate to say that I think this is the way it is with boys and unfortunately the shoes get more expensive as they get older.
The good news: Boys are not clothes diva's like girls so you can get away with less clothes but more shoes so it kinda evens out.
It hurts in the wallet though - I hear you!

Jen said...

Do you have a Sears?
They have a "if you wear them out before you out grow can return them" policy for jeans. It may be for shoes too. Check into it.
ASk some other tennis players...then if theyre all gonna wear out buy the cheaper ones.

Susan said...

I feel your pain Kerri, but the only advice I have for that is....sorry no advice. Mister must play hard and move his feet alot. I don't quite understand why the toe is wearing out unless he is dragging his toes, but even if he is what can you do about it?
My alltime favorite court shoes were Pumas. They are specifically made for the court and have a much thicker rubber sole. I still wear Puma court shoes and they are going strong.
This is where those corporate sponsors come in nicely. I would suggest sending a copy of this post to Nike and Addidas and asking for their suggestions (minus suggesting their most expensive line of shoe).

Anonymous said...

Coming from a girl who had worked retail for most her life if you take it to the store the manager will most likely give you a store credit if you put up enough of a stink. They really just want you to be happy. I don't mean freaking out on them but just saying how disappointed you are and asking to speak with the store manager will usually do the trick.

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