Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Ornament

When I was pregnant with Brady, we started the tradition of buying him one new ornament each Christmas. 
We try to find an ornament that will signify something from that year that was important or special to him.
When we're decorating our Christmas tree we give him his new ornament.
I'm really excited about the one I found this year.
It came in the mail the other's so cute!
I think he's going to like it!

Someday I will package up all his ornaments...
to give to him when he leaves home.
Hopefully there will be around 25-30 of them!
(You get what I'm saying, right?!)

Have a great day!


Cherie said...

That is THE PERFECT ornament for your talented son! So cute! It is a wonderful tradition.

I have also done this tradition with my kids. I give them all of their ornaments when they get married (establish a home). So far it has just been my daughter. When she got married, that year when we unpacked the ornaments I carefully gathered hers up and literally cried as I put each one in a box. It was harder than I thought it would be. She was overjoyed to get her ornaments and it is fun for her and her husband to have meaningful ornaments to put on their tree from the beginning.

Happy December 1st! Do you guys have snow yet?

Cherie said...

P.S. I just love your header. The ornaments that say your names is a cool touch.

gabe said...

I think that 25-30 is a really good goal!:)

I love the ornament, I think he will too!

Nicolle said...

I love his new ornament. It's perfect for Brady!

Love your new header too. It's AWESOME!

I buy Boyd one train ornament each year. They hang on the tree together. One day when he goes to Harvard I will pack them up and send them with him! :))

I also bought a box of 4 ornaments with the nativity on them. I am keeping them in the box. I wrote on the back: To Boyd From Mommy, to hang on your tree when you are grown and married.

Even writing that makes me tear up.

have a good day!

Jenny said...

Yes, I get it! ;) We do the same thing! I take the kids to pick their ornaments out, usually Hallmark. I also label with a teeny permanent marker the year they got them, it is so cute to see the evolution. Like Zoe started out as Elmo, moved on to princesses, and Barbies, ballerinas... what a super tradition.

Anonymous said...

He's gonna love it! And yes, I totally get it.

La said...

He looks like he is still pretty young. He will appreciate this tradition greatly. Jordan's birthday in December 23 and each year I get him a special ornament for his birthday. He's going to be 21 this year and he appreciates the story each ornament represents. We need a bigger tree!

Bronners is a great place to buy special ornaments. I'm a new follower. La

Bridget said...

You couldn't have found a more perfect ornament! He will LOVE it!

sloan said...

Love the new holiday header!! And, I LOVE your ornament tradition ... my girls receive an angel each year from their Great Aunt, they keep them on a special table at Christmastime, it's grown into a really special tradition as their collection grows - I love that your tradition has different ornaments that will reflect the year that came before each one ... GREAT tradition!! And, of course this year's ornament is perfect ;-)

Stef said...

We started the new ornament every year...but at this point I think we are insane. That is 5 new ornaments. That is 50 ornaments in 10 years. I think we may go with one family snowglobe starting next year. That or make hommade ornaments.
I bet he is going to love it. That's so fun!!

Cindy said...

Oh yeah I get it!!!:)
What a beautiful tradition!!
I love reading about all the different ways we make the holidays special.
What a great mom you are Kerri!!
Enjoy the day

Love the new header too.....when oh when will I find the time to do mine!!!:)

Jen said...

Perfect ornament for him!
Great idea!
Love the new header! The ornaments with your names are sooo cute!!!
Have a great day!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I loved this idea. I tried it for a few years but then I didn't tag them and we couldn't remember who's was whos and it just fell apart. I still think its a great idea. Especially when he will have 30. Thats the best part of the whole tradition.

Jill said...

This is absolutely adorable! We get new ornaments each year for the girls,our tree is overflowing.

If you get a chance stop by and check out my giveaway!

Have a great day!


Steph S. said...

hahaha! I get what you're saying ;) You're an awesome mom, I doubt he'll ever want to leave home - so i think the whole "25-30 ornament" thing will work out for you! :)

That is a cute ornament, by the way - i'm sure he'll love it.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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