Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Parfaits and Washi Tape

So, my love of small individual servings continues.
Yesterday we had a teacher breakfast before school.
I made individual yogurt parfaits.
You can't really tell from my picture how little they were.
I made a fruit glaze/syrup for the bottom.
I wish I had taken better pictures...but I barely got these I was so behind yesterday morning!
I am also in love with washi tape!
I have seen Karina use it and decided to check it out!
I had planned to wrap the tape around the cup for decoration...but then decided to use
it to hold the little spoon in place.  These are little taste tester spoons...I'm in love with them also!
I filled the cup with store bought yogurt and then topped them with granola.
Easy peasy.
Transporting them to school....not so easy peasy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

{picture taken before sauce was added}
This recipe was too good not to share!
I found it in this cookbook...
I have been a fan of Hungry Girl for years.
You can find the recipe HERE.
Of course I doctored it a bit to make it extra spicy.
I also added blue cheese...which was such a good idea.
I know what you're thinking...I just went over the 300 calories!
And I am thinking...so what! In a nice voice, of course. :)
I have made it twice in the last two weeks.
If you try it...let me know what you think!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Brady informed me a week before Valentine's Day that he was not going to pass out Valentine's to his class.  I'm not really sure if this is because it starts to get a little embarrassing by 4th grade to give girls cards that say "I think you're sweet" or "be mine"....or if he was just being lazy.  He just didn't feel like doing it.   He did however give out candy that he put in a bag to take to school.  Not cute little individual heart bags...but a big old freezer bag.  Times are changing around here for sure.

Because Brady wasn't all that into the ocassion, this was all I gave him on Valentine's morning...

and in true Brady fashion, he was thrilled with just this.
I think the days of making these, these, and these, are just about over.  Sometimes I find myself feeling sad about this...which is ridiculous...I know.  It's just that I was good at that.  I often worry that I will not be good at this next phase that is right around the corner.  Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning and was looking at pictures on the computer of previous Valentine's Days and feeling sorry for myself that no one in this house was excited about this year's LOVE day.
Boy was I wrong.
When I walked into the kitchen I found this waiting for me...

Eric got me flowers and made me a card...and he and Brady had picked up a gift for me the week before.  I started to cry...because in that moment, I realized I had forgotten who my true Valentine is and always will be.  My husband.
And, as it turns out...somebody else what pretty excited about suprising me on Valentine's Day too!
Times are changing around here for sure...but some things I know will always stay the same.
Thanks Eric and Brady for always making me feel loved...everyday.
I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and a little
suprise or two!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Checking In and Catching Up

I hope if you were hit with lots of snow these last few days that you are safe and warm inside...and enjoying some family time.  Fortunately for us, we only got a rainy snowy mix that will be gone in a day or two when our temps warm up this week.  We are happy about that!
I have missed keeping up with this little blog of mine.  I have wondered the last couple of months why I haven't found made the time to post and I haven't been able to come up with a reason....other than the usual busy-ness of life.  That was, until this week.  I'm actually a pretty private person when it comes to things that concern me...and I keep lots of things to myself. I like to think I'm a strong person, and I don't really want others worrying about me.  It's just the way I am.  Anyway, after three mammograms, an ultra sound and a biopsy, I received a call from the surgeon this week that my test results were negative and I do not have breast cancer. I am fine.  I get teary typing this.  I know so many others who are not so lucky.  I have been surrounded by that awful disease my entire life.  My great grandmother had breast cancer, my grandma had it at the age of 45 and my aunt at the age of 49.  That is why I started getting my mammograms at the age of 35.   Anyway, after worrying about this since Thanksgiving, a huge weight has been lifted and I feel so much lighter and oh so thankful. 
I need to catch up on a few things first for memories sake before I can continue on.  Feel free to skip over to someone else's blog right now and read about Valentine's Day instead of last years news!  You won't hurt my feelings one bit!
For the first time ever, I was able to host Thanksgiving this year at our house.  It ended up being just the three of us, my in-laws and Eric's brother.  It was a wonderful day and I was so excited to get the opportunity to do it all.  I kept it simple...I like to think it was a good practice run for years to come.  (Brady wanted up at 6am so he could help me clean and stuff the turkey.  He had never seen one like this before...and well, he was pretty grossed out afterwards and ended up not eating any turkey at all.)
On Christmas Eve, Brady and I decided to join in the 26 Acts of Kindness in memory of those lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook school shooting.  I was inspired by my friends Nicolle and Holly and I knew it would be something special for Brady and I to do together.  We waited until Christmas Eve, because Brady wanted to do something similiar to last year.  It was probably my favorite thing about Christmas this year.  A couple of times Brady and I got a little teary and I know it is something we will both never forget.  I also have a feeling a new Christmas Eve tradition has begun. 
Brady and I made oreo cookie truffles this Christmas...that's it.  They are his favorite...so I'm glad we at least made those!   I had Eric get a few pictures of Brady and I baking together after reading a post from Sarah over at Clover Lane.  I want Brady to someday see me mothering in pictures...even if I don't have make up on or I'm overweight or my hair isn't perfect.  This is me...and being Brady's mom is so much more important than how I view myself in pictures.
Christmas Eve and new pj's.
Another year of believing wholeheartedly.  We are thinking we will break the news to him before Easter.  It is time.  He thinks he can ask for whatever he wants for Christmas...because it is "free anyway."  We also don't want him to be embarrassed and so I think it will be better if he hears it from us than someone else.
A few of Brady's favorite gifts...
I put this together on Christmas Eve and baked it Christmas morning.  It was so good. 
One tube of Grands biscuits cut into quarters.  Mix two eggs and a third cup of milk and pour over biscuits.  Top with bacon, scallions and cheddar cheese.  Bake at 350 until done.
Thanks for following along...if you're still with me.
I hope to do better in 2013.

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