Sunday, September 6, 2015


I have really missed blogging lately.  I've been reading back over posts I've written and would have surely forgotten about had I not blogged about it.  I have several summer recap posts I'd like to 
get done but before I do that.....

I came across this post that I wrote five years ago and it 
made me laugh because not much has changed!  Just last night I took this picture of Brady exercising while he was watching the U.S. Open 

It's crazy, because back then I doubted that his drive and determination and his intensity for tennis could be sustained for a great length of time.  I also worried a good bit about the 
hours and energy he put into his sport.  I still worry some (I can't help it) but I've come to feel that if you are lucky enough 
to have such passion for should run with it!

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