Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brady's 5k

Brady ran his first 5k this morning with his friend Luke.  
Eric and I were not there to see him run. :(
Luke's dad and his sister also ran, so they had arranged to pick Brady up on the way.
I could have followed them to the race...but it was one of those times where I decided I would give my boy some space and wait at home patiently to hear the details.

Brady ran three evenings this week to "get ready/train" for the race.  Oh to be young and in shape like that!  I remember when I ran a 5k I had to train for months...and even then, I barely made it to the finish line!

I took this picture when he got home....he was all smiles.
Brady said he ran at Luke's pace and then decided to run ahead....and then he turned around before he got to the finish line and ran back to meet Luke and finish with him.  

And now, he keeps asking me if I will run a race with him.  Unlike him, I will need more time to "get ready" for this race.  Maybe I will try and be ready this spring.
Wish me luck....because running is not my thing!  However, I'm not sure how much longer my son will want me to run a 5k with I better make this happen.  

Congrats on your first 5k Brady!

We are super proud of you!
~Mom & Dad

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