Monday, November 15, 2010

{Giveaway} Winner

Poor guy had a cold and cough all weekend....he's all
drugged up in this picture!
Note to self:  Even though that black trunk is very is ugly and needs to go!

Jenny from I'm an organized Mommy is the winner of the Christmas sign!

I will send you my email Jenny so you can send me your address!
I also need to know what color you would prefer!


I thought our weekend was pretty laid back...but as I was making a list of everything we did, it looks pretty full!

Date Friday night

Pizza and swimming for Brady


2 Harry Potter movies

Grocery shopping

Tennis clinic


New Zac Brown Band cd thanks to a friend

Worked a banquet Saturday evening

Started Christmas photobook gift


2 washed vehicles

Chatted with neighbors

Tennis match Sunday evening- Brady played a girl 5 yrs older than him and won!  Played the best tennis I've ever seen him play.


Nachos, beer and House Hunters

I'm making a photobook Christmas gift for Brady on Shutterfly.
Yesterday when I got online to work on the book I noticed that the
12x12 photobooks are 30% off if you order by Wednesday.
So, the next couple of days I will be trying like heck to get that book
done and I can get that discount!

Have a great week everyone!


Jenny said...

Holy canoli Kerri! You were slammin' this weekend. Definitely not laid back. Brady is such a doll, even when he is sick. Hope he is feeling better. I love the trunk by the way, don't get rid of it!!! And he is so awesome winning at tennis again. Did he ever take private lessons? We are wondering if Parker should do private because he is way ahead of the kids his age and still kind of immature for the next age group? Not sure what to do.

As for the sign, yippee!! I promise I had no hopes of winning, I just wanted to comment on your blog! Thanks for choosing me. I am honored. The signs you and your hubby made were beautiful.

Good luck getting that photo book done. You can do it!!!

sloan said...

So Brady wasn't feeling good and STILL won his match against a player 5 yrs older?! WOW, way to go little man!! btw ... my favorite part about your weekend is the nachos, beer and house hunters, that sounds like the perfect combo to me ;-)

Jen said...

Congrats to Jenny!
Good luck with your project! 30% is worth a little craming, I'll say!

Nicolle said...

Sorry Brady was sick. I hope he is better today! Congrats to Jenny on winning that super cute sign! :)

You should keep that trunk. Put a cute piece of cloth or blanket over it.....

Nicolle said...

ps. i just posted my taco soup recipe in my comments section. i hope you post your recipe too!

Anonymous said...

30% off is worth a little hard work! Hope Brady is feeling better.

Bridget said...

Yep, you definitely had a full weekend. And Brady looks adorable, even when he feels bad...BUT, I hope your little guy is feeling better now!

Jill said...

Your son is so adorable! Looks like you had a busy weekend too. I know i've really been feeling the crunch, especially trying to get all my school work done as well. I love the chest he's sitting on by the way ;-)I'll be checking out shutterfly also I love their books.
I didn't realize you were in PA. We have been to Hershey a few times for Christmas lights, we may go again this year if time allows. The place we went to Christmas Village is in Bernville Pa. Not sure where that would be in relation to you? But it was nice, we had to travel a bit to get there but the girls love it.
Hope you have a great week and thanks for your comment, I enjoy hearing from you!

Stef said...

Holy cow! You got a ton done this weekend. ALl I got half way done was moving my kids' rooms. We did the whole switcharoo and it about did me in!
I wish I looked as cute when I am sick!

Cindy said...

Yeah for Jenny bummer for me!!!:)

Sounds like a great weekend!!
Just discovered Zac Brown fast forwarding through the CMA's, (I am so out of it!!!) Love them!!
Sadly House Hunters has been replaced by Triple D in our house!!!!
Hope Brady is on the mend soon
Enjoy the day

Pam said...

love your weekend list!

Seizing My Day said...

Busy fun weekend!! =) Cute sign.
We keep meaning to pull out the Harry movies and start our countdown marathon!! =)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Congrats to jenny!!!!!!!! That is a fun weekend to me! Nacho's , beer and househunters. heaven!
Have a pretty day!

Kim said...

Sounds busy and fun! I am always rushing on those photobooks to get them in on time for the promos. Good luck getting yours done.

Jess said...

yeah Jenny!! shutterfly has been having some great deals...look for the free shipping and last week there was a deal for 5 free cards...and once you put in a order they give you a 10% discount for your next those deals!!!

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