Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We carved our PUMPKINS Thursday evening.
Very last minute for us!
Brady loves carving PUMPKINS.
He did it all by himself this year.
(Except for the cleaning out part...he wasn't into that!)
I hovered over him for a bit...until Brady said I needed to "trust" him....that he was able to do it. 
He actually did a great job and didn't need any help.
I'm finding I'm less needed more and more these days.

Friday night we went Trick or Treating.
Brady never seems overly excited about wearing a costume.
But he does like walking around the neighborhood getting candy.
I debated about putting his GHOSTcostume picture on here.
He looked more like something else.
Eric and I decided that next year, we will let Brady invite a couple
of friends over for trick or treating and have a little Halloween party.
I think it will be a lot more fun for him if he can trick or treat with friends.
Not that his parents aren't fun...I just think this would be more FUN!


Anonymous said...

So cute! They do get more and more independent don't they? I'm sure he had a blast with the two of you.

Jules said...

It's crazy how fast they grow up and don't need our "help" so much anymore....

sloan said...

I absolutely love your 3 pumpkins!! And such a pretty house, too ... my littlest was a ghost 2 years in a row - such a classic, I love it!!

Nicolle said...

The jack o lanterns are great. I don't know why we didn't carve any this year??? We need to next year. Love your collage, A LOT. I love Brady's ghost costume! :) It is cute! Your house is really pretty too!

ps. thanks for the sweet note. i just got it in the mail! soooooo glad we are friends!

Angie said...

So cute!! You cracked me up about his costume!!!

Susan said...

Very cute, all of it.
Brady looks kind of like ET when he went trick or treating as a ghost. Remember that part? Except Brady is taller than ET.

Cherie said...

I love the picture of Brady holding up the cat over the pumpkins. I know he was probably just holding up the cat for the picture but it almost looks like he is about to do something devious - Hee hee.
Love all your pumpkins - I didn't even carve one this year! Boo

jen said...

halloween and a new blog header. Girl, you are together!

Stef said...

I hate when they start doing things are their own. Especially when it includes a knife. My oldest wants a pocket knife and I am scared to death. Ugh!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Maybe he could be a famous tennis player next year!

Cindy said...

Oh man...I so want one of those cupcakes!!! :)
Great photo collage!
Enjoy the day

Bridget said...

He did a great job carving the pumpkins, and I love your photo collage of Halloween!

Jess said...

love the new header!!! great pics! we were so late this year carving pumpkins too!!! Sunday morning before church!!!

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