Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

It's only Monday...but I'm already looking forward to the weekend!
We're getting our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Woo hooo!
We usually get our tree the first Saturday in's one of our traditions!
We tend to make an entire day of this...and it's one of the days I look forward to most all year!
We cut down our tree and then spend the rest of the day getting it all set up and decorating the house.
Hopefully this year we will do a better job of picking a tree!
Last year our tree was a little big..and wouldn't fit in the spot in our livingroom where we usually have it.
This was a little hard for Brady and we like things to be just like they always are.
We eventually got used to the tree being in a different spot...but we will try and do better this year.
Maybe this year, Dad we won't forget the tape measure!

Okay, so this was a few years ago...and this wasn't the tree we picked!

Brady always thinks he's in charge....

Someone isn't happy about the saw being taken away!

It's funny, Brady always believes he is the one that ultimately picks the tree.
It's so easy...if you walk around long enough, all the trees start to look the same!
We just say that we'll keep his tree in mind and then go back to it after we've looked at them all.
Once we find the tree that we like, we tell him it was the "one" he picked out that we decided to get!
He falls for it everytime!

This is one of my favorite pictures. 
I'm sure the lighting is all wrong according to professional picture people...
but I just love the look on Brady's face.
It was also our Christmas card picture a few years back. 


Kim said...

Growing up we cut down on own trees every now and then also. I loved when we did that! It seemed like the tree farms became sparser and sparser so we didn't get to do it as often...or at least that's what my parents told me! :)

I LOVE that B&W pic of Brady (and I'm cracking up at your comment about the lighting. You know me and light now. I was trying to guess what my teacher would have said.) I also love the one of the back of him that appears shot from above.

Have fun this weekend!

gabe said...

wow, he has really grown up hasnt he??

I thought the same as I unwrapped all the picture ornaments for our tree last night. . .ahh the memories and the passing of time!

sloan said...

Aw, Kerri I love these photos - Brady looks so much younger, it's amazing!! Speaking of Brady, I can see why he has that same # 12 jersey ;-) Is he also a Pats fan I hope?? BTW, I'll definitely post those potato recipes soon, easy and delicious!

Nicolle said...

I wish we had a real tree and went to a tree farm, etc. What FUN! I love all of these pictures. I think the last one that you used before in a Christmas card is JUST PERFECT! He is adorable, and growing up fast. :)

Jenny said...

What a cutie pie. That picture rocks, who cares what a professional would say! We got our tree yesterday and we will decorate it this weekend too. I cannot wait. Got the holiday sign, it looks so lovely. Thanks again. I am honored to display it.

Jill said...

Such an exciting time! We have fake this year, but we try to alternate. :-) Have a great week!

I Said So... said...

Could you guys get ANY CUTER???? My word!!!! :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Kerri, This brings back such sweet memories for me! We cut down a tree with our children every year. Now they are in their early 20's.They still come home to cut down the tree. I walk with them watching and thanking God we started this tradition and have such precious memories!
What a darling your little Brady is. And you are making priceless memories.
God bless your sweet family!

Jen said...

I love that pic too! Sooo cute!
He is always smiling!

Every few years we go to a tree farm in the mountains. It takes all we don't go every year, but we wish we could!

Happy decorating.

Cindy said...

That sounds like so much fun Kerri!!! We have one near us I'm sure, but we have been "fake tree" people for two years now. I think I am depriving the girls of some great childhood memory...we better go out and find something to chop down and decorate quick!!!:)
I love that picture of Brady too.
What a beautiful Christmas card that must have made.
Enjoy the night,

Steph S. said...

Very cute photos! So fun :) Have fun picking out the perfect tree! I can't wait to see photos - all of your food is so beautiful, i can't imagine how gorgeous your tree will be!

Bridget said...

Have fun picking out your Christmas tree this weekend!!

Cherie said...

This post brings back sweet memories of when I was growing up. We also did this with our kids for years and years and I loved it but a couple years ago we gave in to the fake tree (hanging my head in shame) mostly because where we live just didn't have any good tree places anymore unless you want to go for hours up into the forest, which we didn't.
I love these pictures - they are very Currier and Ives - the last one is a treasure!

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