Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pumpkin Goodness

I put the fudge in little boxes I found for .50 cents!

Brady will give one to his teacher and one to his bus driver this week!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


sloan said...

YUM, I've never even heard of pumpkin fudge, but it looks so good! Even the packaging is incredible! What an amazing and thoughtful gift, Kerri - really really nice - those are gonna be some happy recipients this week ;-)

Karen said...

Oh my yumminess! I also have never heard of pumpkin fudge, but what a genius idea! Gonna have to try this and wow everyone over Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Kerri, that looks delicious! That cute box makes it look even better.

I can't believe your show delima! My middle son is like that, but adidas have worked the best him. Good luck!

Nicolle said...

That looks wonderful. I have never heard of this either. We do love fudge. I get a little grumpy though during the holidays with all of the sweets...Kevin has to stay away from them as much as he can with his diabetes. It kind of takes some of the fun out. I am always sneaking sweets, but I wish I could cook them for all of us ALL THE TIME! :) I will definitely hold onto this recipe though.

Happy Thanksgiving!

gabe said...

I love the way you package things. . .amazing1

And the shoes. . .wow! My boys wear out shoes too, in different spots so it must be the way they walk. Good luck finding the solution to that one!

Cherie said...

Have to admit that that looks super good. I feel like I am eating so much pumpkin, it is November i guess! But I really really love pumpkin!!

Jill said...

oh yummy! I am drooling over this one! I have not heard of pumpkin fudge before, but I so love pumpkin everything! I'm trying this for Thanksgiving! Have a great week!

Cindy said...

How sweet of you! The perfect Thanksgiving treat in an adorable box too. I just love cute little boxes. Do you have a Michaels' near you??? They have the cutest boxes by Martha (of course!) and some adorable ones by Paula Dean...who knew!?!:)
Enjoy the day

I Said So... said...

You are so darn creative! LOVE IT!

Aren't you going to tell us how the shoe dilemma ended??? I'm dying to know! :)


Jenny said...

Oh my yummy goodness! I love fudge and that sounds heavenly. You are so sweet to share with the school staff. Great packaging job, sometimes the package is the best part of the gift, don't you think? Well, not in this case of course. I love "your stash." Hee hee, you are so funny.

Seizing My Day said...

did I just die and go to heaven?? !!

OH MY yummy goodness! I am going to have to make this very very soon!! it may end up being my special neighbor pressie for Christmas this year!

Bless you!! ;)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I have to try this!
Have a pretty day!

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