Thursday, December 30, 2010

We Have Snow!

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

This is Brady after being outside for 4 1/2 hrs!  We finally got some
 snow Sunday evening.  We only got about 2 1/2 inches...but
 there was also a lot of drifting.  On Monday, Brady decided to go
 outside about 10am to shovel.  It was freezing out there.  It was so
windy...and I kept calling him to the front door to see if he wanted
to come in and get warmed up.  Nope!  He wanted to suprise
Daddy and finsh the driveway before he got home from work.  I finally
demanded that he come in for some lunch.  I threw his hat, gloves
and coat in the dryer to get warm.  As soon as he ate, he hurried
back outside.  He did nothing but shovel the entire time!  He came
to the door once with a Christmas package that the mailman
brought with his name on it.  I tried to get him to come in and open
it..but he said he would do it when he was finished shoveling.
Such a hard worker!  Daddy made a huge deal about it when he got
home...and Brady was so proud of himself!  He fished all evening
for compliments!  I wish this attitude of always trying to please his
parents would last forever!
And, would you believe, that his hands and shoulders were sore
the next day from all that shoveling?!  I thought that only happened
to us older people! 

Have a safe and happy New Year's weekend!


Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

what awesome pictures & such a cute blog header!!! yeah for you Kerri! hugs, cathy

Stef said...

He is so cute! Really, cute. How cool that he was able to stay focused on his goal! Wow!!

Kerri said...

What a sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

Such a hard worker! Can't wait to hear what he can do with that new tennis raquet! Go Brady!!

Cherie said...

He is such a good boy! With a heart of gold too!
And Yayyyy for snow!!!!

Donna said...

What a sweetie...and so dang cute to boot!!!

Bridget said...

So adorable, and I love your new header. Glad for snow...up there ;)
What a hard worker and big help he was shoveling the driveway for his dad!

Lorri said...

Love the new header! Enjoy the snow!

Nicolle said...

Brady is such a great kid! I love his attitude and his spirit. I wish we had snow. LOVE your new header, it's awesome.

Happy New Year!

Kim said...

What an absolute sweetheart! Those header pix of him are gorgeous!!!

La said...

Way to go Brady! His perseverance and determination to see the job through is commendable.

Happy New Year! La

J said...

Love the new look on the blog.

Brady is too cute! :)

Susan said...

Good on ya Brady!
We ended up getting 5 inches around our place, much more in the mountains. My son and my husband went out and shoveled our entire drive and sidewalks as well as a friend's (he just had shoulder surgery). We get fined ($$$) around here if we don't shovel the sidewalks. We are expecting a high of 24 degrees today and 5 degrees tonight. YUCK!
Love the new header, Brady looks very handsome in that sweater and scarf.

sloan said...

That Brady is such a great kid - LOVE HIM!!

Cindy said...

How come I keep starting my posts about Brady with a WOW!!!:)
What a sweetie! He will make one heck of a husband someday!! not that you want to think about THAT right now!!!:0
Enjoy the day

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