Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Traditions

The special moments that are remembered
by families tend to be those
created as a tradition.

I love having traditions.  I think as Moms, we all want our children to look back someday and remember wonderful family times together.  Maybe our children will even want to continue some of those favorite holiday traditions with their families someday.   I think having traditions help make the holidays even more special. 

I am really enjoying reading about eveyone's Christmas traditons.  It's so neat to get a glimpse of what makes Christmas special in everyone else's home.  With that being said, I have to remind myself that having too many traditions can also lose it's "specialness" too.  We have a handful of our own traditions...some that were started on purpose and a few that happened by accident.  Some of our traditions will have to change as Brady gets older I'm sure...but for now, we're still good to go! 

I decided to add something new this year that I saw on Cherie and Melissa's blog.  It's called a "Countdown to Christmas" with books.  You wrap 24 Christmas books and read one every night starting on December 1st through to Christmas Eve.   I LOVE this idea and Brady has so many Christmas books that we often forget about.   So, I wrapped 22 books ( I still need to find 2 more) and suprised Brady yesterday with the basket.

I wrapped  fun Christmas books along with books that will
 remind us of the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

I found this book at a re-uzit store for 50 cents.
If you don't have 25 books, you can always do the 12 days before Christmas.

Brady was so excited about this countdown!   And like Melissa says, it's also an extra incentive at bedtime to get pajamas on and teeth brushed to open a present!  And we need all the help we can get around here at bedtime!

Who knows if this will become a tradition in our house or not...but I already have a feeling Brady is not going to let me forget about this book countdown next year! 

How about you?  Have you done something NEW this year because of
something you've seen out there in blog land?
Please tell me I'm not the only one!



Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

What a great idea! I love the book idea and yes I am sure it would help in getting the kiddos to bed on time with no whining.

your friends the keyes said...

i love that idea. My kido will barely sit still for reading a book at all but i bet by next year she would love that. I hope i can really remember that. We do have a tradition though. We usually always allow the kids to make a big messy tent in the living room the night before christmas. It started when i was a child and we all just love it and we make beds in the tent and fall asleep starring at the tree. lol. weird but fun.

gabe said...

I had a friend that just wrapped up the Christmas books they already had, it was like opening a present and finding an old friend each year. Then you aren't having to buy a new books each year.

Nicolle said...

I laughed at your comment the other day, can we be sisters?! I think we are already! :)

Love this idea of wrapping the books. Love it. I'm just starting a collection of books for Boyd for Christmas. We have been reading them every evening in front of the tree. I so agree that having too many, or forcing traditions can make them not be so special. Sometimes traditions are just born, and something your child remembers from year to year. I did find a yummy cookie I am going to try this year, and it may be our traditional cookie from now on.

Other than that, I buy the ornaments like you.

By the way, that book looks so cute, How Santa Got His Job. I couldn't find any Christmas books at our thrift store, but I did find 2 new ones at Half Price Books.

Happy Friday! :)))

Jenny said...

I love it, what an awesome idea! We visit a local conservatory every year and view the live nativity. I think that is the one tradition we always make sure to do, oh and watch "Elf."

Anonymous said...

Kerri, I loved this idea on Melissa's blog, and was planning on doing the same thing!!

Seizing My Day said...

Such a great idea! especially when they are little and books can be read in one night!! haha! =) We have changed our traditions over the years... My favorite part we always do is hide little treasures in the house random days ... and they go and find them after they eat the chocolate out of the advent calendar! sometimes they are books... new ornaments... little things they will treasure! we put a button in the advent on the days that they need to find a treasure!

ps you are NOT the only blogger with a cheap camera! =) saw your comment on Cindy's post! ha ha!

Jill said...

I love this idea! My girls would too! Thanks for sharing!


Susan said...

What a wonderful idea! You always have the best ideas. You're a great mom and Brady is a lucky little man.

Cherie said...

Isn't it fun to see Brady excited about such a fun idea - I love the excitement each night!
Hope you have fun with this :-D

Cherie said...

Can you tell I have a headache tonight - ha ha - I said "Fun" 3x - Oh my!

sloan said...

Hi kerri - this idea is so much fun, I love it!! Our Christmas is only just starting to come to life up here - still no tree, but we're getting there!! PS - glad you agree about the handwritten cards/envelopes ;-)

Nicolle said...

me again.

About your camera question. Indoors can just be so hard, and a flash really washes out your Christmas tree and the lights. Maybe try turning on a light in the background, that would be behind you. That way it will give some natural light to the tree and to Brady. I don't take a lot of my tree b/c they are always crappy! :)

Jess said...

yes, this has become a tradtion in our house too!!! since caroline was a baby we started out with board she reads them to coop! they think santa leaves them....and they find them under the tree! love the new header!!!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Kerri, what a great idea to wrap the books. I am going to do this!!! i don't think my 12 or 13 year old will be interested (but sometimes they surprise me!)! i know my 8 year old will love it! i can use as an enticement! hugs, Cathy
ps love your blog header~so cute & festive!!

Cindy said...

This is such a great idea Kerri!!
We just have ours in a basket by the fireplace, but they would love the thrill of opening a new one every night!
And I totally agree with you ...traditions...keep em' simple!:)
Enjoy the day

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