Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Baking (non-baking) At Our House

I thought I would share some of my holiday recipes.
I have a few things I bake every Christmas because my family would be disappointed if I didn't make them.
For me, I love to try new recipes. 
So, I make a few of the tried and true ones...and then I choose a couple new ones each year to try.

The first recipe, I have been making for the last 13 years.  It's definately a favorite of friends and family.

These truffles are the real deal.  Very smooth, rich and creamy.  If you like mint, you will love these!

This will be my 4th year now making this next recipe.  Oreo Cookie Truffles.  You've probably made them yourself.  So easy, only three ingredients and they make a ton.  Too bad they aren't fat free!  Brady has already been asking when we are making these.  I have to package these up quickly for otheres before we eat them all!  Last year I found little clear paint cans (added a bow) and put 5 or 6 cookie truffles in each....that way I could give more out!  Very easy.

Here's what you'll need:
1 pkg. Oreo Cookies
1 pkg. (8oz) cream cheese
2 pkg. semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted

Put cookies in a food processor and mix until they are fine crumbs.
Place crumbs in a big bowl.
Add cream cheese and mix until well blended.
The last step burned enough calories for at least 2 cookie truffles....
Roll cookie mixture into 1 inch in diameter balls.
Freeze balls for about 10 minutes.
Dip balls in chocolate & place on wax paper.
Refrigerate until firm.
Cover & store leftovers in fridge.
Makes about 42 balls.

This last recipe is a super easy one.  Another non baking one.  I'm noticing a pattern here!
These have a light orange flavor and are really tasty...I love them!

Orange balls really aren't that messy to make...I promise!

I just realized that not only are these recipes non bake...but they are all balls.
My husband will think this is funny.  It's like he's still in middle school.
He will probably count how many times I said balls in my post!
Sorry about that...back to a little more maturity here....

I'm linking up with Jen over at Denton Sanitarium.
Go check out what everyone's baking!


gabe said...

once a teenage boy always a teenage boy, right:)

Those mint truffles. . .we will definately be trying those!

jen said...

Thanks for linking up.
I might try those for a dinner I'm hosting this week. I need something easy, balls or no balls!
Still laughing at Brady covered in sugar!

Kat said...

Thanks for sharing those sweet recipes! I made Oreo truffles last year and they were totally delish. I may try them this year with Peppermint Oreos. I love anything chocolate and minty and I can't wait to try the orange ball recipe, I love those too!

Jamie said...

YUM! I've never had either of those truffle recipes, and they look fabulous! And the orange balls sound perfect for those who don't like chocolate (which I'll never understand)

Jamie said...

Just saw Kat's comment-brilliant idea!

Jen said...

They look so professionally made. So yummy. We all love mint chocolate chip anyting!
Such a cute pic of Brady...
and hularious middle school comment about your husband.

Jill said...

We make the oreo truffles every year, they are so delicious!!! these others you've listed I must try! they look so yummy! going to take inventory of what I have on hand and what i need! Have a great night!

Bridget said...

Yep, boys will be boys! These recipes look delicious, and Brady covered in sugar is too cute!

Seizing My Day said...

The comment about your hubby is so funny! It has made me giggle reading peoples comments about my balls... lol! I think part of me is in middle school too! =)

The mint truffles look SO fancy!! Do you give them to your friends and neighbors... you should! ;) My little girl LOVES mint... they would be a huge hit with her! I have a few ball cookies and a peanut butter ball truffle candy I make every year... speaking of I have more baking to do this week!!

ps we store our cinnamon ornaments wrapped in paper towels and put them in a plastic baggie... I think that helps! ;)

sloan said...

the balls comment has me cracking up - remember our SNL-themed party on Halloween? We had 2 different couples come as the "Schweddy Balls" skit with Alec Baldwin and Molly Shannon - do you remember that one?! hilarious! This is a very fancy recipe-share, kerri ... everything looks so professional and pretty - thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ sloan! I don't know what shes talking about but it sounds hilarious. Those orange...balls (hehe) look super easy. I think I have all the fixings at home right now!

Jenny said...

Is it ok to tell you my mouth is watering?! Yummo. I have wanted to try making truffles for a couple years. I think I will try yours, thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

too funny!

Susan said...

Oh that photo of Brady is perfect. I must have a little "teen goofiness" in me too because I giggled at how many times you said balls.
I think I'm going to borrow the oreo recipe. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Mint truffles are a must this year!
thanks for sharing!!
My husband would make a joke like that too....MEN!:)
Enjoy the day

Nicolle said...

Kevin would love the whole "balls" thing too! ha.

I have always wanted to make truffles. Those look good and are so pretty! I've made the orange balls. I really like those. Love the picture of Brady. I LOVE the Oreo balls, never made those, but love to eat them.

Donna said...

Your goodies look just wonderful! Your son is a cutie!! Thanks for your comments on my blog...yours looks like one I'll enjoy reading! I'm going to try those oreos for sure!

Steph S. said...

Ohhhh the oreo truffles... how i love thee! I love making them and eating them. I love them super cold - it's the "cracking" sound of the outer chocolate shell when you bite into it, i think! :)

Christy said...

Oh my gosh! I've never met anyone else that made orange balls. Do you know my Great Aunt Rosalie? :O) It made me smile when I was exploring your blog and saw these! Can't wait to continue to explore, but it just made me smile.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I need some easy peasy recipes. We usually do biscotti but I'm thinking these sound like they might be a hit too.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Kerry I'm hosting a linky party on Monday asking for friends to share how they are finding their Joy this Christmas. No rules, it can be a photo if you want. Love for you to join us. I love to see how others look at the season.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Sorry Kerri, that was supposed to be an "i".

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh those look SOOOO GOODDD! I am finally finding time to bake starting today - these are going on the list!

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