Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Cute...Even If It's Not!

We had a family fun night at Brady's school last Friday night.
I helped out with the hot chocolate bar.
I made tons of chocolate spoons for the hot chocolate.

This got me thinking that we should have our own hot chocolate goodies out on the counter while it's cold outside!
Brady and I especially have been drinking our share of  hot chocolate.
Having it out on the counter definately makes you want it more often!
And, I wonder why my pants are tight?  But I don't care!
I have plenty of time to deal with that after the holidays...for now, I'm going to enjoy the season!

Anyway, shortly after I put the goodies out on the counter...I walked into the kitchen and saw this:

Brady put his own stamp...or should I say "sign" on it!

He was excited for me to see what he had done...and very proud of himself.
I'm serious when I say proud.  We have to just laugh because he has zero artistic capabilities!
He tore a piece of paper out of a tablet and used a pencil for pete's sake!

So, the hot choclet sign is staying put.
Not the look I was going for...but cute nonetheless!
And, it makes me smile everytime I walk into the kitchen.

Have a great weekend!


Bridget said...

Too cute! I would have left it up at my house, too.

Jen said...

I love the "not the look I was going for part"...although I'm sure he knew you would want a little sign on that fab display.
Soooo cute! I think Zac would spell it the same way!

sloan said...

absolutely adorable - the personalized signage is right up little ladybug's alley ... spelling and all ;-) She once similarly re-labeled all of the buttons on our water/ice dispenser on the fridge ... I left it on for a year - it was too cute!!

gabe said...

You are such a good mom. . .making chocolate spoons for all those people!

I love this idea and wish my kids weren't spoiled with the "hot milk" kind of hot chocolate. Then we have those who prefer strawberry to chocolate. . .it becomes quite a production when we do make it!

Have a great weekend!

Nicolle said...

I love Brady's sign, so much. A hot chocolate station sounds like fun. I just bought some and blogged about it today. Do you like cinnamon? If so, you would love this hot chocolate I found. Your chocolate spoons sound like fun too!

Jill said...

This is so cute! We just love hot cocoa!! ;-)

Thanks for visiting me today. My Mom lives in Md. which is about 3 hours from where I live. I'm thinking I may live close to you?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Hi Kerri,

You are very close to me. I am very familiar with Lancaster. We live in Gilbertsville, Pa.
About an hour , little more from you. What a small world :-)

Cindy said...

Kerri, that is just to cute. i love finding little hidden notes and signs around.
We are big hot chocolate fans here too.
I would love to hear more about the spoons? Do you just dip them in melted chocolate and let them harden??
Enjoy the day Kerri

Anonymous said...

I keep some hot chocolate up at work next to the coffee :) Someone brought in candy and the other day I put a miniature Hershey Kiss in my hot chocolate to melt. Mmmm. It was good!

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