Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Month Without Tennis...and Happy New Year!

I had one wish for my family in December.  No tennis.  Please.  No Saturday morning clinics, no Sunday matches, and no lessons.   I didn't think this was asking too much.  Our calendar was full in December of other fun things to do and frankly, I just needed a break from it.  Brady cried at first and asked very sarcasticly if I thought Roger Federer ever took a month off from tennis ?  but eventually got on board with  my wish.   Suprisingly, he did really well with his month long break.  We made it all the way to New Year's Eve!

These are my guys on New Year's Eve:

Clearing the snow off the tennis court in town!

New Year's Day was suppossed to be in the 40' we figured if we cleared off the
 snow on Friday, that maybe on Saturday the courts might be dry enough for us to play on. 

After we cleared the snow, we hit back and forth for a bit...but wet tennis balls just don't work!

On New Year's Day we drove back to the courts and.......

the courts were wet.

Except for the court we had shoveled!!!
We were able to play for a couple of hours.

I guess our month without tennis is officially over!

Happy New Year everyone!
2011 is going to be a good one!


Kim said...

Now THAT is passion! Holy Moly, Kerri! That boy is destined to be a pro. I don't know any child that age with as much passion and drive as Brady. It really is amazing!

Happy New Year!!

Donna said...

I that have THAT much love and dedication to a sport often do extremely scholarship at least!!
I bet you are getting warmer weather today and tomorrow...we are in Ohio so it will be coming your way a day later. My parents lived in Chicago and when we talked, Mom would tell me the weather there, a day later, we'd have it! Hope you have that good day before school starts!! Happy New Year, Kerri!!

Kat said...

So cute. I love how much your sweet boy loves tennis! That's one thing I love about living in Atlanta is that the courts are generally clear here year round. Sometimes we get some ice, but usually they are good to go. Happy New Year to you and your sweet tennis loving family!

Lorri said...

Talk about dedication!!! Love it!

*My new blog header is from Yummy Lolly. I sure wish I was talented enough to come up with that on my own. :)

La said...

I agree with Kim. You may have a world class pro on your hands. We'll all be able to say, I remember when he was a kid and shoveled snow off the court so he could play...

Happy New Year! La

Cindy said...

Wow Kerri!!
I agree with everyone else here...Brady has some crazy passion!! LOVE IT!
And what a nice break for you December must have been.:)
Enjoy the night!!

LOVE the new header! It looks amazing! Hard as you thought it would be??
Missed you!!!

Bridget said...

Yep, a boy and his tennis racket (or in my case, a skateboard) must not be parted for that long...glad he's back!

Nicolle said...

Wow, that's a lot of work to shovel that snow off. I bet Brady did have a hard time giving up tennis for the month, at first. But I think that was a good's always nice to step back from something for a little bit. I love all of the pictures here! They will make fun memories.

Happy New Year!

sloan said...

Hope he liked breaking in his new tennis racquet - his passion for the sport clearly runs deep, such a great kid!!


Susan said...

Now there was a time when a month without tennis would have just killed me too, but not so anymore. Now I get to shovel snow and other fun stuff, so I can ride the horses.
You need a roller for those courts. It looks like a huge paint roller/sponge roller thing. After you are done shoveling the snow, you roll over the wet part with the roller and voila! No wet balls. Hmmm that didn't quite come out sounding the way I meant it.
Brady is a true tennis fanatic if he feels the need to get out there even in the snow. Trooper.

Traci said...

You have to keep this blog going so we can all see what happens with Brady and tennis! I can say "I followed him when he was just starting out!" So cute Kerri.

Jill said...

I love your new header! How awesome that you guys were able to get out and play despite the snow! When he's famous you'll remember those moments :-) Hope you have a wonderful 2011!!

J said...

Go ahead and send me a signed tennis ball! I think he is on the way to fame! I know what you mean though about a month off! Whew! We made it. Here's to 2011.

How's it going with the Mtn. Dew?

Jenny said...

He is so funny! My kids used to do that for gymnastics, we have been on a 6 month hiatus from that just because I was sick of sitting in the gym smelling stinky feet. I promised them we'd start again in the spring when dance was done. I love it that you guys cleared the courts yourself. It reminded me of the book by Andre Agassi when he said his dad bought a house not because of the house but if the back yard was big enough for a full sized court! Maybe you guys need a court in your yard?! That is true dedication.

Jenny said...

Forgot to say, love the new header!

Stef said...

That is true dedication! And I know the feeling...of outside things hogging my family time. But it looks like you had fun either way!

Jess said...

love it!!! i not only love how dedicated he is....but what wonderful parents you are!!! love the new header!!!! and i got a good chuckle at the last post about Brady shoveling...Caroline is the same way!!!! when it snows i am on strict orders NOT to shovel anything so that she can do it ALL!! how long will this last???!!! happy new year Kerri!!!

Jen said...

I love that he shoveled the court so that he'd be able to play! Love that drive.
Happy New Year!
Love your new header. It is so fun and colorful and cute!

Dan said...

Kerri, very well put together and I'm glad you sent it to me. Brady looks so big since last time I saw him.

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