Sunday, December 26, 2010

And This Is The Reason....

I want an artificial tree!

We took down our tree today.

Our tree is so dry you can see through it.
It might be the worst tree we've ever had!

This is just a "little" of what had to be cleaned up after my husband took the tree to the curb!

We usually keep our tree up until New Year's Day.
But, not this year.  I couldn't take it anymore.
Usually by the following Christmas, I forget about the mess,
and I'm ready to go out in the freezing cold and cut one down with the family again.
But, the older I get...the more and more I really wish
I had an artificial tree! 
Now, if I could just talk those two guys that like to cut down a tree every year
to get on board with me!

We'll see!


Anonymous said...

I'm taking ours down tomorrow, and I'm expecting the same mess over here!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness!!!
I remember those days!
We jumped on the artificial bandwagon about 4 years ago...can't say I miss the real thing...although going out to chop one down does sound fun!!:)
Enjoy the day

your friends the keyes said...

i have a fake one and i always want to go shop down a real one. It just seems like a fun time but looking at that mess makes me rethink it and be a little thankful for the fake one we have.

Nicolle said...

If we lived closer I'd come help you clean up the mess, then I'd drag you over here and have you take down our tree. It's fake and it's a PAIN. Each branch goes on individually. AGH! haha. But I do love it and I am always torn between wanting a real one or keeping this one.

I sound like a huge Scrooge. I love everything about Christmas, but when it's over, I'm ready for it to be over. :)

gabe said...

Ohh, I hear you. . .we got our tree earlier than usual this year and since we are going to see baby Audrey later this week, I took it down yesterday too. I never do that I always wait until New Years Day or longer, but it was already so dry I could only imagine it getting so much worse!

At least the mess is cleaned up for one more year!

La said...

Hi Kerrie.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Next year, try laying sheets under the tree while you remove the ornaments. That way the needles fall onto the sheets and you can take them outside and give them a good shake.

Happy New Year! La

Lorri said...

Good morning! I talked my hubby into an artificial tree 2 years ago. As crazy as it sounds, I hated it! It just isn't the same. This year our real tree has been great, but I have had several like yours. What a pain! Hopefully next year's tree will be better! Have a fabulous day!

Angie said...

I'm allergic to pine so i've had a fake tree since I was a child. I feel bad sometimes for my kiddos but living without the mess is nice!

Pam said...

I could never go fake..even though my tree looks exactly like yours! I put mine up way too I kill everything green!

Stef said...

Oh the mess. We do have an artificial tree, but only because we lived in Phoenix and it was costing way too much. This year we went and cut a tree for upstairs. They smell so good. Good luck trying to convince those males.

Kim said...

Whoah, baby! I'd be kicking that one to the curb too.

Ours came from a tree lot. Got it the day after Thanksgiving, and it's still going strong. Secret? Put about 1/2 cup of corn syrup in with the water.

Kat said...

Wow, I think our tree is probably going to drop every last needle, out of protest, when we try to remove it from the house. Fun times indeed. (There are many times I would love a prelit artificial tree, but I think I would miss the smell and character of a real one...)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You and I are on the same page! I dread taking mine down this week because I know what work I have in store.
UGH. NOOOOOOO! I still can not find my camera! Can you believe that! GRRR!
Hoping while I am deep cleaning this week I will find it!
Have a pretty day!

Donna said...

Ha! This makes me laugh because we had one that lost its needles so badly one year that our best friends teased us about it till it wasn't funny anymore, soooo....we dragged it over to their house (long walk) and left it in their back yard! (We've played many a joke back and forth.) we have a preety artificial one that packs up well. Have fun vacuuming! Feels good to get it done, huh?

Susan said...

Thank You! Exactly what I said this year. We bought the biggest tree we've ever had this year ($80.00, 10 1/2 foot tree) it died within days. It wouldn't take water and even though it was soft, overly piney smelling and lush when we bought it, it refused to take water the entire time. I had a fresh cut made, put it in warm water the first night, etc...
I'm seriously thinking artificial tree.

Heidi said...

Came across your blog and just had to say, I COULN'T AGREE MORE!! We took our DRY tree down today!

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh Kerri that is a mess!
I have to tell you that it was my family's tradition my entire life to go cut a real tree and I carried that tradition to my family for 20 years but a few years ago we broke down and got the artificial tree. I actually cried the first year - probably more from "losing" a treasured tradition than anything, but I have to admit that now I love it!
Tell your hubby - no mess, pre-lit, and perfect!!
I do miss the smell of the tree though - I now have a candle.

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