Sunday, August 29, 2010

We END The Summer With An OPEN...

A U.S. Open that is!

I'm so glad we were able to end the summer by taking Brady up to New York City to Arthur Ashe Stadium.  It was an amazing day for Brady and an even better one for us as we watched our son take in every single moment of this very exciting day. 

This beautiful walkway in the park leads
to the tennis center.

Brady's favorite tennis player!
We caught a glimpse of him practicing
on a (very) private court.  We had to climb up
the bleachers and look through bushes to see him.

Brady got to hit a few balls with one of  Andy Roddick's
actual tennis raquets and one of Rafael Nadal's
tennis raquets.  He was suprised at how much bigger
their grips are and how much heavier they are.

Roddick's raquet!

Nadal's raquet!

Brady played "beat the pro" with Jack Sock...the number
one junior tennis player in the U.S.   This kid will
be a senior in highschool this year...doesn't he look older
than that?!  Brady got to hit a few balls with him and had an
awesome cross court shot past him...and an applause from the crowd!  We were suprised how confident Brady was to play in
front of so many people.

I wonder how this would look in our livingroom?!

Serena Williams won't be playing in the U.S. Open
this year...but we did see Venus practicing on
one of the courts!

Brady thinks he serves like John McEnroe...this cracks me up...he thinks so highly of himself!  

We watched these guys...#3 and #4 in the world...warm up and
 play for about an hour and a half.

It was really neat to be so close to the action!
That's Brady down in front!

And he got one!  Jokivich came over after his
match and signed Brady's hat!  (You know
who I'll be cheering for!)

Such a beautiful day and a great ending to our summer.
Brady is already asking if we can go back again!

Some of Brady's questions:
~can he sign autographs there someday for the kids?
~will he need to sign up for the US Open or will he get an invitation?
~how will he know what court he will be playing on?
~Will the limo pick him up at his hotel and bring him to the stadium?
~maybe he will be the pro that kids try to beat someday?


Stephanie said...

What an AMAZING trip that must have been for Brady! Was this a surprise for him? Your pictures are fantastic! It looks like it was a lot of fun! I can't believe how many neat things Brady was able to do. Can anyone going to the US Open experience that or was he invited with his tennis coach? It will definitely be something he remembers forever. :)

LOL, I love his questions! He's such a cutie Kerri!

sloan said...

Kerri, this is incredible - wow!! What an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, AMAZING trip for you guys - Brady's got to think that was the best day of his life!! How fun, I'm so happy for you guys!!
Glad to be back online and in the blog loop again - that was a long dry spell for me offline, geez!!

Cherie said...

What a neat experience for all of you!
It's great for kids to have such good role models as they grow up. I love Brady's questions at the end. I wouldn't be surprised to see his face on a flag someday and, of course, he'll be picked up by a limo - ha ha - that was cute!

Bridget said...

Oh how wonderful that he got to experience all of that!!!

Kim said...

What an amazing experience! I'm sure he'll never forget it! I love that pic of him in front of the old World's Fair "world". That landmark was on the drive from my house as a kid to my grandparent's house so I used to see it out the car window all the time. Brings back major memories for me. :)

gabe said...

Wow. . .what a fantastic way to end summer!!

I love his confidence. Someday I might be able to say. . .I used to blog with his mom!!

Kimberly said...

Amazing! What a great experience for your family :)

Cindy said...

This must have been like heaven for your little tennis lover!!! That tennis ball couch was too funny! LOVE that picture in front of the giant world outside. I am so glad you guys got to end your summer this way!!
Enjoy the day

Thanks so much for asking about Janey and her first day of school!! We did meet her new teacher, but she will not be able to start until the 7th! We are all waiting anxiously!:) Like a trooper, she has adjusted wonderfully! Kids can be so resilient!:)

Kat said...

Wow!!! I would LOVE to go see the U.S. Open one day!!! I would also really love to see Wimbledon, I think that would be an amazing experience indeed. Your son is adorable. He must have been so excited all day long. That tennis ball couch is awesome. I want that too!

Susan said...

I can totally see Brady there someday. I can't believe that "kid" is a senior in high school. I want to see a birth cirtificate. Now about that couch....I love it. Does it feel just like a tennis ball too? I can't stand Serena Williams...I mean really can't stand her.
Perfect end to the summer. You're awesome parents.

Jenny said...

How fun! How exciting! What a dream come true for Brady. Looks like he (and you) had a blast. Before kids, we used to go to the ATP here, we loved it. I hope I get to see Brady play there someday!

Miss. Candy said...

That is awesome!! I played tennis in high school and LOVED it! I hope my kids like at as well!! Thanks for finding my blog and the comment in regards to "Project Skinny Me". I am starting something new I decided, a weekly support group via blogs to support one another. I posted tonight on how it is going to work if you want to hop on over and join Project Skinny Me!

Nicolle said...

That looks like an amazing day for Brady. I'm sure you and your husband had a lot of joy also, watching him. I love his questions you posted at the end! :)

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