Friday, August 13, 2010

Font Frustration

Ok, I know it's a minor detail...but it's really driving me crazy!   How come my font is different from everyone else's?  My regular font...the one I'm using right now...looks BOLD even though I haven't changed a thing.  How can I get my font to be just regular??  As I look back at all my posts...I've never had the normal font...not even on my very first it's not like I changed a setting or anything.   Any help would be so appreciated...I'll be your best friend!

A couple people asked for my tomato cucumber recipe from the other day.  Oh my word!  It's just tomatoes, cucumbers, salt, pepper and some dill.  That's it.  The tomatoes have such a good taste right need to add any olive oil or anything. 

I found these yesterday at the grocery....they were right by the Flavor Ice.  I'm excited to try them....they're only 35 calories.  Too bad they don't come in Diet Mt. Dew....maybe then I could kick my habit! (I just tried the 7up one...and it was great!)

Speaking of the grocery...when I picked up the milk yesterday, I saw that the "sell by" date was Aug. 22nd.   It hit me like a ton on bricks, that school will be starting eight days after that date.  My eyes teared up and I quickly had to think of something else.  I'm not ready for school to start for so many reasons...and I refuse to spend my last few weeks of summer worrying about it.  So, for now, we're not going to talk about that.

                                                                                                              80's party we went to in June!
Brady is spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa's house tonight!   Yay!    Eric and I are so excited...we were high-fiving when Eric's parents called the other day to see if they could have him Friday into Saturday evening!  The three of us are always together...I don't have family in the area and Eric's parents live about an hour from us.  Brady usually spends the night with them two or three nights a year.   Anyway, we decided that we're just going to grill out...I got a couple of steaks and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to eat outside.  Usually we would just go out to dinner...but we spent so much money eating out last week on vacation...we thought this would be a smarter choice!  It doesn't really will just be nice to have uninterrupted adult conversation!

  Have a great weekend!                                                                                      


Cindy said...

first of all...YIPPEE for you and your hubby!!!
A night alone sounds just divine!
Hope you enjoy every minute of it.

sorry about the font frustration...what font are you using and what size do you have as your default? I think mine is Arial size 12? yours looks like maybe Times New Roman??? I think that font just looks "bigger" in general. Try going in and switching it and see how it looks.

Don't even get me started on summer being is our last Friday!!!:(

Enjoy the day

Nicolle said...

I love the picture of you guys from June. You are such a cute couple!! I hope you enjoy your date tonight. It sounds nice and relaxing.

Those popsicles look yummy. I would love the dr pepper ones the most I think.

I would say the same thing Cindy says. Change the size. Just play around with it, you can't hurt anything. I know it's frustrating at times to get it the way you want it. I am not good with computers at all, so that is all i can suggest.

Enjoy your weekend!

Susan said...

Darn it! I wish I lived near you, I would have Brady over for weekend. I could school him in a little fast paced tennis, or probably the other way around. My kiddos need a new friend. My oldest son's friends came "TRICK OR TREATING" to my door yesterday. Yes, you heard me correctly. They looked like some of the band members from "QUEEN". I didn't bother asking, I just handed out a couple of Rice Krispy treats and told them not to come back. I don't like teenagers, they turn 13 and suddenly they are masters of the universe and you can't tell them a darn thing because they already know it all. Little buggers.

Susan said...

Shoot, I forgot to mention about the bold font. I'm wondering if it is might not be two things. It just looks like it's bold font on your end, but doesn't come out that way, OR maybe it's the blog site you use.
Now, I'm not tech savvy at all, so maybe I don't have any clue what I'm talking about.

Bridget said...

I feel your font frustration...mine will only stay one size even though there are times I would like to make it larger or smaller...

Have fun tonight, grilling steaks sounds good! :D

Stacey said...

I think your font looks fine?? I need to find some of those freezer pops!

Jen said...

I like your font too. That minor stuff drives me crazy too....
At least its not huge anymore like it was on the 10th! ha!
Nothing like a gallon of milk to make you realize what is right around the!
Loves the 80's hair! What a fun party idea!
Have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Enjoy your date, how nice. Cute picture of you two. Thanks for sharing the cucumber and tomato recipe, I am going to try it this weekend. I love tomatoes. As for your font, I think it is great. I am always comparing my blog to others and wishing I could have one like theirs, but really it is just for us isn't it. I have no idea how to fix it though, good luck. i hear what you are saying about school starting soon. This summer has been so great, my kids are getting along pretty well and we have had a lot of fun, I don't want it to end!

Stephanie said...

I think your font looks great. I think mine is too small and on my last post tried to make it larger. I want it to just always stay that size, but I haven't figured out how to make that happen yet.

That's so funny that you just mentioned those popsicles. I just saw them in Aldi's, but I didn't pick them up. My oldest was asking, but I just got the Icee pops. I'll have to try them next time.

I'm also SO sad for the start of school. We start on the 23rd and I just can't believe that summer is pretty much over. It shocks me, because it seems to go faster and faster each year! Maybe we can all have a sob fest together. lol

That's such a cute picture of you! I love the 80s party idea. How fun! Enjoy your weekend alone. I know how enjoyable that can be! :)

Angie said...

I've been crazy busy and didn't get to stop by and tell you I gave you an award. I don't know if you accept them or not- if you do stop by my Thursday post and pick it up!!! ;) If you don't- no worries at all!

jen said...

I think I know the answer to your font issue, but I can't fix it by describing it. Email me.

Kim said...

Your font doesn't look bold on my screen. Weird. I hate bloggy issues. I suck at trying to make any changes to my blog. It never turns out the way I want it. Sorry I'm no help.

I'll have to look for those ice pops. My ballerinas would love those. Hope you had a fun date. Such a cute pic of you and your man.

Jess said...

your font only looks bold to me when it is a bigger size...i can totally relate to your anxiety over summer ending....funny how things hit us at the strangest time! hope you had a fun date with the hubby!!!

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