Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Ten: August

A couple of months ago I saw a post on Kim's blog called Ten on Ten. The object is to take a picture every hour for 10 consecutive hours on the 10th of the month.  I wanted to try it last month but the tenth came and went and I forgot all about it!  Kim was nice enough to remind us yesterday to not forgot about participating today!  She's so nice!

We didn't have anything exciting planned for today, so I was thinking this morning that my pictures might be a little boring.  But, as I look at my pictures, I am reminded of the purpose of this exercise...which is to find the beauty in the ordinary moments.   With that said....I had a pretty darn good day!

peach, banana & blueberry smoothie-yum!

Brady was giving me a hard time over some dumb computer game...
thankfully Daddy called to check in this morning at just the right time!
(Brady was also furious w/ me for taking this picture!)

He always wants to make up....man I love that kid!

What the heck is going on w/ my blog?  I tried to change the font and now my
blog is perfect for the visually impaired! 

Brady was invited to practice with the girls highschool JV team today at the park.
He was so excited to play in some doubles matches...he even won a few!
The girls were so nice to him...is he lucky or what?!

Stopped at a veggie stand on our way home from the park.  I could have gotten a better
picture....the other side of the stand had lots more stuff...but I was trying to hurry before
the Amish lady came out of the house so I quick snapped the picture on my way to the tomatoes!

I made a cucumber tomato salad....accidentally spilled half the container
of dill into the bowl...ooops!

Went to the gym w/ my hubby this evening....we're trying to get
this darn vacation weight off!

We made popcorn for "Losing It With Jillian" this evening.  We
had DVR'd it while we were on vacation. 
 Not sure why...but Brady really likes that show.

This boy gives the BEST massages (and loves to do so)....ahhhh what a day!


Stacey said...

How fun! I want to do this. I am visually impaired, and that would be perfect for me to see! lol Love the note from your little man!

Susan said...

Uh...I need to borrow Brady for about two weeks. What the heck has happened to my kids? They start school and all of a sudden the fangs and claws come out, the gloves come off and it's every man for himself. I swear I'm waiting for someone to pop out and say, "You've been punk'd." I'll tell you what. It's Nasty Ville here at my place.

Kelly said...

Fantastic pictures! Speical notes and Massages, sounds like such a lovely day.

Cole said...

bananna, peach, and blueberry smoothie...that does sound YUM! (and BTW, you were almost right on my blog, I teach 2nd grade this year, however, I have mostly students with learning disabilities so I use a 1st/2nd grade curriculum)

Casey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and so glad you did 10 on 10 this month--it's so much fun peeking into everyone's day! :)

gabe said...

I love it when Dad can deal with some of the daily arguments. . .it helps!

I'm also glad that I am not hte only one who has trouble with their blog. . .

Jess said...

great job!!! love your day!!!! i need to try this!! i love how your day started out with a yummy smoothie and a massage from Brady!!!

to answer your question...the color of our bathroom is called Buxton Blue from Benjamin Moore (sp?) its actually in all of our new kitchen addition too!

Clair said...

Great note. And the salad looks good!

Jen said...

You have got the best kid ever!!! You know that, right!
And I take it he is some kind of tennis rock star! He looks so cute in the middle of those big girls.
I missed 10 on 10 again. My husband had the camera out of town...and you know about my cell phone...not happening! Maybe next month!

Come run with me...come on!!!

Kimberlee said...

Love the note from your son. I'll take that and a smoothie anytime!

And, thanks for the compliment on my hair. A girl needs to hear those things now and then.

Jenny said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I love all these pictures, you had a jam packed day! Please share the salad recipe. It looks so yummy. I love cucumbers and dill.

sloan said...

ok, so NOT boring!! I love these pics - I had started to do the assignment (thanks to Kim's reminder!), but only got 2 pics then the rest of the day got away from me ... next month for sure, I love this!!

Dani said...

That note...so very sweet!

Nice 10!

Nicolle said...

Love these pictures! The note from Brady was so sweet. Looks like you had a perfect day, with a more than perfect ending! :)

Stephanie said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog today. Your little boy is so sweet! I love the "make up" note and the massage! It totally looks like a perfect day. I look forward to getting to know you better. :)

Angie said...

that salad looks amazing!!!

Cindy said...

I am so glad you did this.(please help me remember next month!!)
What a wonderful glimpse into a perfectly ordinary day. Those are the best.
Love Brady's note
Enjoy the night

Stef said...

I am totally going to do this.
You had a busy day....seriously! Busy is better!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Visiting from 10 on 10! I am so jealous your son gives you massages, that is awesome! looks like you guys had a fun day!

Pam said...

I loved this!!

Kim said...

YEAH! You did it! Great job! I never think to add peaches to my smoothie. Going to have to try that. Cracking up at your visually impaired font. That would so be me trying to change anything on my blog.

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