Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Sticky Craft

Brady and I did a little painting on Sunday.  We used
corn syrup, food coloring and shiny poster board.
I found this idea here.

Just add a few drops of food coloring into the corn
syrup and you are ready to go!

First we drew our design with a black marker.

Then, we got painting!
Look at that concentration!

Brady's finished artwork!


Our paintings took a couple of hours to dry because
the paint is really thick...and sticky!  That's why
we painted outside!  It's hard to tell from the pictures,
but the paintings turned out really glassy.  Just be sure
to use glossy paper.


Cindy said...

Love those!!
My girls would totally be into a painting project like that. Thanks for the link.
You have the "Love and Happiness pictures you just need a Peace one to go with it!
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

Ok, those are really fun - I love how bright and shiny they look, we're gonna have to try this one for sure ... hopefully the bees won't find us first ;-)

gabe said...

looks like fun. . .my daughter would love to try this!!

Nicolle said...

Love both of your pictures! I will remember this for when Boyd is a little older and maybe not as messy with paint. :) Very fun!

Jules said...

What a super cute idea. I will have to try this with my little daycare girl.

Jen said...

Corn syrup and food coloring. I have that!
This will be a nice change form LEGOS everyday!
I'll be posting our masterpieces soon I hope!
Thanks for another great idea!

I Said So... said...

Too cute! Love this idea and he is working so hard!!!! Turned out great!

Susan said...

So cute. I need to try this, looks like they turned out really nicely. Have you ever made homemade play dough? It is so much fun and you can die it different colors and put different scents in it. I have a recipe if you want to try it. Super easy.

Bridget said...

Cute! What a fun, easy activity and they turned out so neat!

Jenny said...

Cool, what a fun idea. My kids love to paint. I will have to try this.

Nicolle said...

hi again!
Yes, i try to never ever use my flash. Sometimes you have to, but try taking a picture both ways, and you will see such a difference. Most times I use natural light in front of a window, or I just take my pictures outside. A flash totally changes the look, not always in a bad way, I just don't like my pictures with a flash. I will try to do a post soon with tips. I don't have many, but I will try to think of what I know, and share. :))

Have a good day!

Kimberly said...

Hi Keri!

Thanks for the comment and nice to meet you :) I added you to my blog roll and reader - can't wait to read more!


paige said...

Yeah. I'm going to do this.

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