Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Yard Sale Finds

Woke up early Saturday morning to beat the Amish ladies to the yard sales in our area.  They get up pretty early....but I have a real vehicle, so I can get there faster!  I haven't gone out since my last trip....and have been very anxious to get back out there!

Here's what I found:

Got these two chairs and little table for $!
The people were moving and just wanted to get rid of them...oh yes!
We have two white wooden adirondack chairs already (these are plastic)
on our patio but needed some more seating.  I was looking for something
a little different, but for 5 bucks I couldn't pass these up!  These
will do just fine!

I found this stand for $2.00.  I thought it would
look nice on the patio with some plants and candles and stuff.
We've been looking for something to cover an open spot on
one side of the patio....looks like we to need to power
wash that area too....yuck!

Ok, not my smartest purchase for $5.00!  I could tell the old man
that was selling it, really wanted me to buy it!  He was asking
$6.00 and told me he would take a dollar off...just for me.  Oh well...
my husband said he will drill a few holes in the bottom
and I can put a plant in it.  I really hate to buy things
that I don't even need....later I have big time
buyers remorse!

I thought we had read all the Junie B. books but found two more
that we haven't read!  The books were $1.25 each...a little
higher than books usually are at garage sales...but hey, if
I'm willing to spend $5.00 for a dumb wagon...I think I can
splurge for the books that my son gets excited about reading!


Bridget said...

I love your garage sale finds!!

Steph S. said...

WOW! You luck out at those things! I love the chairs, table, and stand - awesome finds! I'm actually having a yardsale next week - and I know that when I'm finished having it, i'll run out and try to find other sales and buy stuff with the money I made from my own... hahaha!

Tracy F. said...

Great yard sale finds! Thanks so much for visiting my site and posting the very kind remarks. I really am not crafty but like my blog says, I can copy!

Look forward to seeing more of your yard sale finds,


Cut/Copy and Paste

Nancy said...

You scored... I love the plant stand. I am looking for something like that. Way to go!

Jen said...

You found "Captain Field Day".
We have those same plastic chairs...we paid like $15 each last year!
Great deals!

Anonymous said...

Love your chairs & table find! And also love your blog. Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

I would put my name to the comment but it doesnt want to let me :(

Sharon Cohen said...

I am so envious! I've gotta admit - Yard Sales are what I miss most since giving up driving 9 years ago. I see your finds and I am so . . . nope . . . no melancholy allowed today!

Donna said...

Wow! You found some great bargains! My favorite is the plant stand. You really had me laughing about racing those Amish ladies to the sales! Maybe you could sell the wagon to them!!

Nicolle said...

I love all of your finds. You did get some good stuff. That table and 2 chairs are awesome! I'm jealous. :)

ps. This will sound so silly, but I didn't even think the Amish went to garage sales. funny!

Have a good holiday weekend!

sloan said...

Nice job, Kerri - SCORE! Hope you didn't have to knock out any Amish ladies in the process, lol ;-)

Cindy said... are a master at those garage sales! You must have crazy amazing luck!!
I love the patio furniture and especially the plant stand. I would love something like that on my back patio too.
Enjoy the day

Karen said...

Your finds make me want to get out there again. Soon. Awesome stuff Kerri!

To answer you question about my cabinet...the top has a pull-out drawer with that see-through glass panel. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it.

I tried to find the blog you mentioned to no avail. If you come across it again can you send me the web address?

I Said So... said...

Wow! Can you go shopping for me??? Great finds. My kids love Junie B. too. Isn't she the best!

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Stacey said...

I never find stuff like this! I must not get up early enough. Great finds!

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