Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun Finds!

I found this website and just wanted to share!  I'm not sure why
 I found it so funny.   Some of their things would make really FUN gifts! 

Isn't this a FUN cake mold?!


Hot dog gum?

My husband would love these!


Popcorn lip balm!

Donut soap!

App magnets for the fridge!

Brady would like these!

Pickle band aids?

Play-doh cologne...not sure why anyone would want this!

Have a FUN day!


gabe said...

the pickle band-aids are great!

The hot dog gum. . .hmmmm

Thanks for the fun!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

How fun!!!!!!!!!!
bacon mints! hahahaah!
have a pretty day!

Steph S. said...

Ohhh my GOSH i LOVE Perpetual Kid! I browse almost weekly - the office supplies are too hilarious! Thanks for sharinG!!!

Susan said...

These are the funniest things......pickle band aids are cute, but hot dog bubble gum and donut soap. Bacon flavored mints has to be a guy thing I think.

Anonymous said...

I love the sandwich cake mold! Also...I am a fan of the Play-Doh perfume! The brand has scents like Dirt, Black Pepper, Fresh Hay, Condenced Milk and my favorites Waffle Cone and Laundromat. I love the smell of fresh laundry :)

Jenny said...

THanks for sharing all this fun stuff! Love it.

sloan said...

hilarious! I found a similar site and gave my hubby some mints that were packaged in a tin shaped like an old Atari controller from back in the day - like these, it was a big hit!! Great find, Kerri, thanks ;-)

jen said...

These are hilarious. I would be afraid of the bacon mints, however.
Thanks for a laugh, and like the header! Sorry it was a struggle, but you know how these computers get!

Cindy said...

I needed a good "make me smile" post!!
Thanks Kerri
Hope your day is fantastic!

Jules said...

I love these. Especially the popcorn lip balm....

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