Friday, July 9, 2010

My Little Tennis Guy

The tennis camp Brady has been attending is having a tennis
match this morning against another camp at a nearby school.
The two camps got together last Friday to play each other and Brady
was so excited to play in his first (kinda official, 
but not really)  tennis match ever.  I think he thought it
was going to be BIG we tried to prepare him ahead of time
by telling him that it might not be all that organized and that it was just for fun!
He played so well...with kids much older than him...and loved every minute of it!
He wants to be a professional tennis player, you know.  He has talked excessively
about this for the past two years.  I will have to do another post on this for sure!

Brady's first (doubles) tennis match!
Definately the BEST tennis player in all of the 12 and under group...
not to mention the CUTEST!!  (It's my blog and I can say what ever I want!)

 Brady and (mostly I) I made cookies for his scrimmage today.
Next time I think I will just save myself the trouble and
buy sugar cookies at the store...cause mine are not very good!  I think
I take so long to decorate them that they are hard as a rock dry out.  Oh long
as none of the kids break a tooth...I think they'll be fine!

Hope everyone has a FUN weekend!


paige said...

The cookies are so cute! You're very crafty. Here's hoping your son wins Wimbledon. :)

Cindy said...

Those cookies are too cute!! Love the packaging too...that took some time and effort! What a great tennis mom you are!:)
Riley did a unit on tennis in school and loved it. but soccer is the love for thing at a time is all I can handle!:)
Enjoy the day

Nicolle said...

That is so cute that he was so excited about it. Love the pictures, especially the 2nd one of him. And yes, you can say he is the cutest, it's your, in my book, every parent should think they have the cutest, smartest, funniest kids around! :))

Love the cookies too. You are creative! WOW!

sloan said...

Wait a minute - you MADE those adorable tennis ball cookies ... and the packaging too?! SOOO glad I'm following your blog, clearly I have so much to learn!! Love!

sloan said...

kerri ... hard as rocks or not, the visual of those gorgeous cookies FAR outweighs any taste issue ;-)

Susan said...

Are you kidding me? The kids probably took one look at the awesome packaging on those cookies that they could have tasted terrible and they never would have known. And I'm sure they were good.
Way to go lover?....good man! I'm an avid tennis player. It's how I payed for college.

Jen said...

I love how you put a little grass in the baggie! Too cute!
Whew!!!! Isn't way too hot to be playing tennis! Strange how kids don't seem to notice the heat when they are doing their thing!
Have a fun weekend!

I Said So... said...

Love the cookies. I'm sure they were put so much love into them. Your little boy is precious!

Bridget said...

Those cookies look great, you can tell you put some time into them. Terrific pics of your tennis player!

I Said So... said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...I am every bit 188! Give or take a few! I always say tan fat looks better than pale fat! :) I'm trying that anyway! Thanks again!

Jess said...

the cookies look so great!!!!! caroline just started tennis this summer and is loving it!!!! i love the action shot of him!!!

xosparklesxo said...

The cookies look ADORABLE! I've never tried cookies before - just cupcakes and cakes. They really look darling!

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