Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hasn't Everyone Made These At Least Once?

It finally rained here on Saturday.  I can't  remember when it rained here last's been so long.  Our grass is not lookin' so good!   We didn't leave our house all day...which is a little unusual for us!  It was kind of nice to just hangout inside and relax...although I have to admit at times we started to get on each other's nerves! 

We played Cootie, read books, (all of us on the sectional at the same time reading...that's unusual too for us!) did lots of snacking, watched t.v. and made these:

Brady has been wanting to learn to make I bought a kit
and taught him how.  He was really excited about it at first...but after
the first pot holder, he said he was going to take a break...
which means he's done.  I guess it wasn't as much
 fun as he thought it would be!  I couldn't remember how to
finish it off...but Eric was actually the one to figure it out (he probably
doesn't want us to tell anybody though!). There were only enough
loopy things in the package to make three pot holders...darn!
I was actually enjoying this craft...could have made them all day long!


Bridget said...

OMGosh! My sister and I used to make those ALL the time! They were teacher gifts and Christmas presents and props for tea parties. Used to, you could buy more of the stretchy thingies at a craft store like Michaels. Don't know if they still have them, since it's been so long since I've seen one of those.

Susan said...

Very cute. At least he tried it once. I don't remember doing on eof those, but I do remember latch hook rugs.
It rains every darn day....I'm beginning to feel like I live in Seattle.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

so fun! i was thinking of teaching my son this. he's six. i wonder if that's a good age for this little kit? i'll have to check them out the next time i'm at the craft store.

Cindy said...

Riley loves doing these!!
Dave has received two already as gifts.:)
Perfect thing for a rainy afternoon!
Enjoy the day

Pam said...

oh such memories these bring back! how fun!! will look for them at our craft store!!

Nicolle said...

I used to love making those. I made a ton of them, I am sure.

I laughed when you said he needed a "break". haha. Good way to say he was done!

ps...Hope you had fun at the lake. Hope you post some pics! Yes, we could have a lot of fun hanging and drinking our girlie drinks. I'd love to hang with you!

Jen said...

When I was little I made these for eveyone in my family one Christmas. My kids have made them to! Great rainy day craft!

Kim said...

The big ballerina was into making those for a while. She cranked out a ton. I was so excited b/c I totally remember loving making them as a kid too. She's into sewing now. She's getting pretty good too. :)

sloan said...

Oh, the flashbacks, I totally made those potholders as a kid!! Love that they're still around ;-)

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