Friday, July 23, 2010

Much To Say About Nothing

I bought a huge container of blackberries yesterday for $2.50 at at roadside stand.
Pretty good deal, huh?!
So, this morning I made this:

I added a small container of vanilla yogurt,
blackberries, a banana, 1/4c of orange juice and
lots of ice.  It was really good...and Brady didn't like
it, so it was all mine.  I'm not a huge fan of breakast, but I can
get excited about most mornings that's what I have.
  My favorite is peanut butter and banana, a little skim milk,
 yogurt and ice.  It feels like I'm having something really special!

This week has flown by...not sure why...we didn't really have a busy week.
We never even made it to the pool once!
We did play many games of crazy 8's.
We graduated to a regular deck of cards instead of the crazy 8 cards
with the kiddy pictures on them that we've always played with.  Brady thought it was so cool
to play with the regular deck....which means...we played even more games!

 I've always played with Brady (even though he is really good at entertaining himself).
But, I have to say, I kind of enjoy this kind of playing rather than pushing the little cars on
the make believe town carpet kind of playing.  Don't get me wrong...I'd still go back to
that stage in a heartbeat if I could!

We've also been playing Sequence a lot.  We seem to kind of stick with
a couple of games for awhile and then we switch it up.  One of my favorite
games is Trouble.  Not that it's all that exciting...but I like that everything is all
nice and contained.  The dice never rolls off the table, there's not a stack of cards
that fall over and the pieces fit so nicely into their own spot.  So I have a touch of that
OCD thing....big deal.

I've kind of felt a lot  little sluggish this week.  I haven't made it to the gym once.
And, I've been eating like crap.  So, it's not wonder I feel like I do.  It just
feels more important to me to enjoy the summer with my family and not worry
about getting my workouts in.  The end of August will come soon enough...I don't even
want to think about it yet...and I will have plenty of time to get to the gym.  In the meantime,
I need to find a little better balance.  Ice Cream and Smirnoff's in the evening on the deck need
to happen a little less frequently!  It's not rocket science...eating better and getting exercise
gives you more energy and makes you feel better, duh.  I just need to eat a little less
since I'm not working out as hard.  Easier said then done!

Speaking of the gym...if anyone is still reading...Brady was chosen to be the
"member spotlight" for the month of July at the rec center we belong to.  He was
so excited....they've alway had an adult in the spotlight but not this month!  He really
thinks he's a STAR.  He was interviewed (without me around) and you can read his
answers HERE if you want.  ( Mom, this is for YOU! )
   The picture they took (w/ a cell phone) doesn't really look like him though!
It is Brady...I promise!

Have a super weekend!



Bridget said...

That smoothie looks delicious and Brady's interview was so cute! Congrats on the spotlight being on him this month!

Jen said...

Oh yeah! Loves hanging out with Mom and Dad and keeps his room clean! You got a good one!
Love the "I'm single."
Have a great weekend!

Kimberly said...

"No, I'm single." Too funny!!!

Pam said...

loving the smoothie! we make them daily here too!..we play a lot of "trouble" here..need to get sequence! cute post kerri!

Nicolle said...

You did get a bargain on those berries. Your smoothie looks great. Great picture of Brady playing cards too! I laughed at I'm Single as well. He is funny!

We LOVE sequence. Have not played it in a while. We play it a lot when we travel to Iowa. Kevin's grandparents have their own homemade sequence board.

Have a fabulous weekend! :)

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

How cool Brady is in the spotlight! I am sure he was super excited. I can tell he likes tennis. I agree about breakfast I always look forward to making a smoothie but not to keen on "real" food in the morning.

sloan said...

That smoothie looks delicious, but oh my goodness how cute is his interview?! I love that he likes to "hang out and talk with mom and dad" and he thinks you're an amazing cook, too!! What a great kid!!

Karen said...

Ok Kerri, I have a question completely unrelated to your post. (Lovely post by the way - and it looks like you guys are having a fun summer!). My question is how did you get the blinkie on your sidebar? I found a site that has free blinkies. But, either I'm unable to follow directions or I just plain didn't understand the directions, because I couldn't figure it out. Help!

sloan said...

Hi Kerri - yup, for the summer months I really DO live in a vacation spot ... talk to me in January and it won't sound quite as glamorous ;-)

Stef said...

Hey, I am totally with you on the whole breakfast is overrated, just give me a smoothie. And I love it when my kids get old enough to understand real games. So much more fun.
I too am looking forward to Aug...when a real schedule appears and my body can stop nagging me to get up and get busy!
(I haven't forgotten about your award...just been out of town.)

Cindy said...

That smoothie looks so refreshing!!
We have been into making homemade pop-sicles lately...these look a little healthier!:)
Just played Trouble last are right...great game for keeping it all "contained'!!:)
Enjoy the night

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