Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Favorite Thing About 2nd Grade

We went to Portfolio Night at Brady's school one night last week.
Portfolio Night is a showcase of all the different things the kids have learned throughout the year.  Brady's teacher had stations set up for us to visit and a slide show of the kids. We were also given the math and reading test scores from the beginning of the year and then the end of the year. 

 Each student had a big piece of construction paper on their desk in which they wrote their FAVORITE thing about 2nd grade.  Brady's said:

  Eric said, "WHAT!"  Boy did we have a good laugh!   I've never seen Brady get embarrassed like that before.  His face turned bright red and he was quick to show us the eggs in the incubator.  He was talking about these chicks:



After 9 years, our principal is leaving.  Dr. Dwight is going to be the principal at an elementary school in Harvard, MA.    Her and her husband just adopted two boys.   I'm sad to see her go.   We like her so much.  She is not one to sit behind her desk.  She is out and about in the hall and classrooms and knows all the students and parents by name.   She has done an amazing job at Brady's school and says she is ready for the challenge her new school will bring.

Brady was confused in kindergarten and called her the PRESIDENT the entire year. 
 Of course, I never corrected was just too darn cute. 

Brady's teacher asked if I would like to help with a pizza and ice cream party one day next week.  She said she wasn't willing to share her class on the last day of we will do it the day before.  I LOVE that about her.  She said the last day is always hard for her to say goodbye.  Brady has loved having her as his teacher this year.  I feel a special connection with her too.  She has always made me feel so welcome every single time I came into her classroom..which was often!  She let me plan all the class parties and included me in things just so I could be included.   People often ask what I am giving Brady's teacher on the last day of school.  The best gift I can think to give is a handwritten thank-you.  I also like to give Brady a letter letting him know how proud we are of all the hard work and effort he put into his school year.  He takes pride in doing well in school...and we couldn't ask for anything more.

Brady and Mrs. Everly

Although I am looking forward to summer...I am sad to see another school year come to an end. 
 Second grade has been a pretty memorable year!



sloan said...

i'm so happy you're ending the school year on such a high note, what a great thing to have had such a wonderful teacher for brady this year!! and YAY for harvard, mass - like everything, it's west of where i am, maybe an hour+ ... very very pretty and lots of space compared to where we are - a great area for sure!!

Gabe said...

Isnt second grade a big year??? I looked at Annika the other day and she isnt a "little" kid anymore! Kinda sad huh?

jules said...

How awesome to have such a wonderful teacher. They are definitely hard to say good bye to.

Stacy Crawford said...

You are right, a hand written thank you means the most!

yaya said...

He's such a cute little guy who seems to be growing up before our "blog" eyes! I'm glad he had a good year surrounded by loving coaches if you will...and a supportive, loving family. Not all children are so blessed. Have a great summer Brady!

Bridget said...

So glad he had such a great year!!!

Holly said...

I LOL'ed at the chicks comment!!
That's great!
My mom always tell me that I think time is flying right now... wait until they start school.

I dream of being a room mom like you...

Lorri said...

Oh.....I reallyhope you email both of those (obviously) wonderful ladies with the link to this post. That would be the perfect thank you to both of them!

Kim said...

hehe...chicks rule!

I'm sad to see LB's school year end too. She's had the BEST teacher. Such a breath of fresh air from the craptastic teacher we had for K. I wish Dr. Dwight was moving here. We could use a great principal. I live for the day ours leaves.

Cindy said...

"The Chicks" is soooo funny and innocent (obviously)! So nice that you have these great memories and hopefully many more great teachers to look forward to. My three kids had the same 4th grade teacher and she is still the favorite and meant so much to our family!!

Megan said...

I love second grade! My favorite year of my daughter's so far! Who doesn't love a classroom chick? I love the new header too!

Nicolle said...

The "chick" thing cracked me up. Poor Brady! :))

What a sweet teacher it sounds like Brady had for 2nd grade. It's nice that you loved her too and always enjoyed being around her. You probably don't find that often enough, and it's nice to have such a wonderful teacher. I pray that Boyd always has great teachers!

Barb Scott said...

Didn't this school year fly by? I'm glad it was a great one for Brady. I have to take cookies to a first grade 'tea' tomorrow, i'm going to channel you today:)

Jenny said...

Chicks and presidents... totally cracking me up! What a special teacher for Brady. He'll probably always remember her. I'm glad he had a great experience. Hope third is even better!!!

Tessa said...

Brady is so lucky to have such incredible teachers!! I felt that way about 1st grade, but this year has been less of a wow year. Andrew has had a very kind teacher who loves my him like crazy, but she just didn't make learning that exciting. Which it needs to be, especially in 2nd grade!! You are such a good mom to be so involved with school and Brady's class! Wishing you a wonderful summer with your little man!! (the chicks - made me laugh. I thought about all the compliments he gives you, and wondered for a sec if he just had a way with the ladies!! Ha!! :))


Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by today Kerri, I only gave the nurse a gift b/c Zoe goes to see her A LOT! Zoe is all about the drama, bandaids, ice, broken bones, you name it! :)

Jen said...

Chicks...funny. I think my fifth grader would say that too....but not the little fluffy ones.
Amen to the hand written note.
Have a great weekend!
Jen (something is wrong with my comment sign in for Google account!Uggghhh!)

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