Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Note of Appreciation

If you can read this...thank a teacher.
~author unknown

I've heard so much talk lately about end of the year teacher gifts.  What to give, how much to spend, etc. Now,  I like to give gifts as much as the next mom, I really do.  And even more importantly, my son loves to give his teacher little gifts throughout the year.  Sometimes it's something as little as a picture he has colored or a few flowers he has picked on his way to the bus stop.  But, I have to say, I think the most important thing you can give your child's teacher (especially if he/she is a good one!) is a heartfelt note of appreciation. A thank-you.   Some people say, well it's their job and they get paid, blah blah blah.  When I hear someone say that, it really makes me mad.  My son is at school seven hours a day....his teacher spends more time with him during the week than I do!  And, with only twenty days left of school, my son still continues to be excited to go every morning.  And, one other thing, he has learned a heck of a LOT of stuff this year!  So, I will  definately be sending in a note thanking my son's teacher on the last day of school.

This is a note I wrote last year.  I'm not the best writer that's for sure...but it's the thought that counts and I
wanted Mrs. Kurtz to know how much we appreciated her!

Brady and Mrs. Kurtz
What an awesome teacher!


Jen said...

Sweet note!
There's an award for you on my blog today! Have a great day!
:) Jen

Karen said...

That's a beautifully written note Kerri.

Bridget said...

What a wonderful note!!

Kim said...

That is AWESOME! You're right (as a former teacher) a note like that means SOOOO much more than any gift. Mrs. Kurtz sounds like a fabulous teacher. :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Mrs. Kurtz will be so happy to receive that note! oh my gosh! That will mean more than anything you could buy!

Jenny said...

As a former teacher, I can tell you heartfelt notes are the best gifts of all.

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