Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Finds


I am loving my new Tupperware bowls in these fun summer colors.
My mother-in-law gave them to me for helping organize her new kitchen.


I love all the Laughing Cow cheese...but this is my new favorite!
If you like blue cheese, you have to try it.
Each wedge is only 35 calories.
I made a grilled cheese sandwich with it the other good!


Only use if you want your house to smell like a tropical paradise.
(Hawaiian Aloha scent!)


The new Nintendo 3D DS is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Brady has been saving his money since Christmas and was able to buy one
                 a few weeks ago. If you trade in your old DS you can get $50.00 off towards the new one. 
 (I was thinking Brady would have to work and save all summer to be
able to get this but somehow he made it happen sooner than I was hoping.)


My sister-in-law shared this recipe with me and
I have been addicted ever since!

(I see I spelled parmesan cheese wrong...but I can't fix it!)


What have you tried lately that you are enjoying?
I'd love to hear!



Cherie said...

Those new Tupperware bowls looks so pretty.
I was actually looking at my very old Tupperware last night thinking I need to invest in some new stuff - Pretty colors!!

I really LOVE Laughing Cow cheese and I did not know they came out with Blue Cheese - YUM!

Genn said...

Hi Kerri!
I love your new header!! Looks great!

Those tupperware bowls are so fun. Great colors.
I love all the laughing cow cheeses too. My favorite is the chipotle flavor. Never made a grilled cheese sammy with it though. I'll have to try that. :)

Nicolle said...

I have been wanting some new Tupperware for a while now. I remember it so much from when I was little! I love your bowls. I want to try that cleaner too. AND the cheese. OMG, a grilled cheese with that would be so good. Have you tried a grilled cheese with pimento and cheese?! It's great, totally changes the taste of the pimento and cheese. We love it.

I can't think of what I am loving right now. I guess I have not bought anything lately. I think I might need some retail therapy this weekend though! :)

Bridget said...

Hawaiian Aloha scent...sounds like it smells yummy!!

Must try that pizza popcorn!

Tupperware is awesome. I used to have a lettuce bowl and I loved it!

I'm loving pedicures,sunshine and relaxing!

Karina said...

Love those happy tupperware colors. What a nice way to say thankyou. Having some little girls over for a sleepover tonight - I think the popcorn will be pizza flavored - thanks for sharing.

Gabe said...

Oh that popcorn sounds yummy!

I love bowls like that with lids. . .so handy!

sloan said...

wow, these are all GREAT - I love your favorite finds series, kerri!! tupperware - love! laughing cow blue - i had no idea and can't wait to look for it! Mr. Clean hawaiian scent - omg, does nicolle know about this?! 3DS - my little bug just (like last week) did exactly the same with the saving up and the trading in ... she has only one 3D game so far: 'nintendogs' where you keep/train/love virtual puppies ... amazing technology huh?! A long way from our atari days, right?! and btw a big yum on the pizza popcorn too ... wish i had something fun to contribute back - i'll have to sleep on it ;-) thanks for the great post, kerri!!

corners of my life said...

A rainbow of fun those bowls.

Susan R said...

I love your Tupperware too. I was just thinking I need to buy some more Tupperware cups.
The thing I've been having a lot of lately is Southern Sweet Tea aka sweet iced tea. I've replaced my cola drink with the tea. I'm deluding myself into thinking I've made a better choice. In reality it's probably worse because there's a fair ammount of sugar in it. Maybe if I use decaf tea and a sugar substitute I can justify it a little more.
There's always something to feel guilty about isn't there?

yaya said...

Cute bowls! I haven't tried to many new things lately...but now that you've given me some ideas I will give them a shot! Have a good weekend!

Nicolle said...

Came back to write down your popcorn recipe.

I laughed at Sloan! I am definitely getting some of that Hawaiian scented cleaner! If I can't live in Hawaii, at least my house can smell like it. :)

Jenny said...

I love that cheese too. I hide it in the fridge because everyone steals it! I am so jealous over those bowls. I want some. I love Tupperware and I think their products are so terrific, would love to go to an old fashioned party sometime and stock up.

Chrissy said...

Hi Kerri,
I love Laughing Cow, also. My new fave by them is the Queso Fresco and chiptole....great on cornbread crackers!!
Saw your post on 2nd grade and my son is also ending his 2nd grade year! Sad they have to grow up so quick, but yet fun to experience each new phase of life with them!!
Thanks for your blog!
Chrissy @

Barb said...

Hi Kerri, I love your new Tupperware bowls - what a nice Mother-in-Law, (and daughter-in-law for helping organize her kitchen). I'm gonna have to try your popcorn recipe. Cute header! Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

um...Hawaiian Mr. Clean? Why did I not know about this? Maybe b/c I don't ever clean my house? This could change everything.

And under a rock about the 3D DS too. Luckily, the ballerinas are under it with me. *phew*

Cindy said...

hi kerri!!!
Missed you girl!
love these finds! i have not had tupperware in so long....I remmeber the lidded tumblers as a kid, did you have those??
Sloan, Nicolle and Kim cracked me up...goodness I missed you guys!
Can't wait to catch up on all I missed
have a happy night

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

kerri, i love all of your recent posts! that tupperware is like gold!! lucky you!! please let me know if you will be in ohio this summer!! hugs, cathy

Seizing My Day said...

oh my goodness... I lost you for a bit... how do I do that?! I swear I only have half a brain sometimes! ;) I just read down a bit to catch up! ;) Love the green in your kitchen still... behind the bowls!! ha ha! ;) anyway... that popcorn sounds amazing!! yummo! and Happy late Anniversary!! it doesn't matter what we do either... we just love being alone without littles! =) he he... sometimes we are with the littles and the beach... that is OK too!! ha ha! Jealous school is out so early for y'all!! we still have til the 24th! *ugh* busy busy end of the year stuff going on with us right nwo... overload!! =)

Seizing My Day said...

ps fun new pics in your header... see... it has been a little while! =)

Kat said...

I have a serious love affair with Tupperware and Pampered Chef. Those bowls are so cute!!! What a wonderful and thoughtful thank you gift!

Jen said...

Ahhh. The flavor of pizza without the carbs. Yummo!!!!!

Brianne said...

I love those bowls! They are going on the want list right now!

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