Thursday, June 9, 2011


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Ten on Ten.  Take one picture every hour for ten hours, trying to capture the beauty in your everyday moments.  Or, just take ten pictures throughout the day...whatever works for you.   Go HERE to participate.  Don't be intimidated by some of the amazing photos that others take...I try not to be!  It's about your day and your photos.  It's fun!  Give it a try!



your friends the keyes said...

Sounds fun. I know I can't do ten pics an hour but maybe I can get ten for the day. Ill check back tomorrow to see yours.

Holly said...

thanks for the reminder... I've never "linked" in to anything... maybe I'll try!

J said...

Thanks for the reminder! Maybe I do it tomorrow for the first time.

Also, thanks for the tip about blogger.

Stef said...

SO glad you reminded me. I have been taking some...but sad I didn't get any pictures of the food from the party. Sigh.
(Just so you know....for whatever reason, my computer at work won't let me comment on your blog. So I have to grab the rare opportunity when things are quiet around here to comment. But I am here everyday, just so you know.)

yaya said...

That sounded like a great idea..too bad I'm a day lake and a camera short on this one! I'm looking forward to the pics though..maybe I'll get in on this the next time..have a great weekend!

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