Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

One of my favorite things about summer (my list is really long) is being able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the Amish stands we have on every corner in our town.  I would love my own garden.  No, let me rephrase that.  I would love to reap the rewards of having my own garden...but I really don't want the work.  Plus, I'm not a fan of worms and dirt.  Yuk. 

We've been going through strawberries like crazy.  An Amish girl told me yesterday that strawberries will probably only be available until the end of the week.  Brady and I planted strawberries from a kit on Mother's Day, and he checks it everyday and there's nothing.  It doesn't look like there's going to be anything either, ever.  I'm thinking tomorrow when I buy more, I will put a few in his container outside...I wonder if he would fall for that?!

I bought all of these veggies and the strawberries for $9.00....much better than what I would have paid at the grocery store.  Speaking of the grocery, I decided to take some coupons along yesterday to the store and see if I could save a few dollars.  You know I'm hooked on that coupon show...except they're crazy, and I'm not.  Anyway, my bill came to $101.00 and after my discount card and coupons my total was $66.00.  I was pretty happy with that.  Of course, I didn't get anything for free...but one of these time I will!  It's my goal to walk out with one free item!  One of these days!

One last thing and then I'm done.  I feel like I'm rambling here.
Have you tried this greek salad dressing?  It's so good.  I usually prefer the creamy dressings like ranch and blue cheese, but I'm trying to find healthier ones.  This is my new favorite!

Do you have a garden?



Cherie said...

We do have a garden but we also have strawberries planted in a raised bed that is about 10 inches wide and goes along one side of our house.
That has been the easiest thing. We planted the strawberries years ago and really we don't have to do much to them and they just come back year after year. They get thicker each year so there are almost no weeds. An idea for you ;-)

As for the Amish fruit and vegetable stands what you got looks so good and fresh and what a great price!!! That definately looks like a lot less work! Ha ha

sloan said...

hi kerri - lucky you to have so many stands to choose from for fresh fruits and veggies. No home garden for us either - the work is WAY beyond what I'm willing to put in ;-) we do have a local farmer's market on saturdays thru the summertime, so we make sure to hit that when we can ... it really is SUCH a better deal than a grocery store - 10x fresher and 10x less $$!!

Susan R said...

Yes maam, you know I do.
I have never grown strawberries and I planted them at home, but the birds keep getting to them. I'm going to have to assume they are good. If your strawberries are ending, I would buy a bunch and freeze them.

J said...

Yummy! I love the fresh produce of summer, too! :) I try to grow tomatoes, but no green thumb here.

Love that salad...I am going to try your dressing. Going to the store tomorrow. I've been looking for healthier stuff, too.


yaya said...

Yes, we have a small garden. We have a lot of area that we could have a bigger one, but I don't have the time it takes to keep it up. A small one is great for us! We have many Amish farmers and pick-your-own farms here also. It's a blessing! The farmer's market get rolling right around July 4th...can't wait!

Stacy Crawford said...

Yes, I have a small raised garden. Just enough to eat some fresh, not really enough to put up for a later time. We have a lot of farm markets and easy picking from other growers around here, Amish and Farmer Bob.

Jen said...

Sadly no garden....too much shade! Wev'e tried...but just not enough sun in the middle of the day!!!
That salad looks great. I must find that dressing!

Nicolle said...

Well, my garden consisted of one flower pot with peppers....which produced only 2 peppers and now has stopped. Maybe that is because it is 500 degrees here in Texas, already!!!

Your veggies look so good, and they strawberries are my favorite. I have not seen that salad dressing. I will keep it in mind. I am like you, I usually like the creamy dressings. I have 2 on my list right now to buy, a sesame orange, and a mandarin ginger dressing. You know I'm hooked on salads right now. :)

Anonymous said...


Yes we have a garden and I'm anxiously awaiting the food to be ready! We love the Amish stands also. We'll take a day and ride up and down rt.23 to get all kinds of yummy food. Strawberries we can't keep in the house as soon as we get them the girls gobble them up! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy the yummy food!


Bridget said...

The fruit and veggies look delicious, and the salad in the last picture make me want to lick the screen...I didn't, but I thought about it ;)

Kim said...

We have a garden, but the strawberries are way out of season here already. Just starting to get cukes and cherry tomatoes. Still haven't gotten a leaf of lettuce to grow. Drives me nuts! It's what I would use most.

What's the name of that salad dressing? I don't recognize it and can't read the label.

Cindy said...

No garden here...although Dave does grow fresh herbs. (of course right?!) Does that count? We have a farmers market that is pretty awesome though, although we have yet to makae it there this summer!:(
The girls and i watch Ex Couponing too. What a crazy show! I have the binder and cut the Q's but have yet to save that kiind of $ either. But I'm like you...I don't want 15 bottles of Maalox in my house either!!!:)
Have a happy day

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