Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: June

Ten pictures on the tenth of the month trying to capture the beauty in our ordinary moments.  You can join in the fun here.

Today was Brady's last day of school, so it was a pretty exciting day at our house. 

Teacher gifts...not what I would have chosen, but it's what Brady really wanted to give.

It was Hawaiian day for the 2nd graders!

I put my thank-you's inside the tumblers....hopefully they made it to school!

Waiting in traffic and tyring not to be late for my last lunch date of the school year.  See you in the fall, Eric!

Awesome salad at Wendy's...I could eat this everyday this summer...if only we had a money tree.

Just got off the bus and is so excited about summer and the teacher he will have next year...Mr. B!

Another fantastic grade glad he takes after his father in this area!

We took Brady to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

Of course he begged us after dinner to go play tennis...and since he never gets
to play, we decided to take him. (A little sarcasm here.)

Finishing the night with a Harry Potter movie and a campout.


You can check out Holly's amazing ten on ten here
 It's her first time participating and she's having trouble linking up.
Her pictures are the real deal!

Happy tenth everyone!



Holly said...

AHHHH!!! You are so, unbelievably, stink'n creative... I just know the teachers fight to have you as the room mom!!

What is the name of that salad? I NEED to try it!

Thanks for the advice on the link up-- I am going to try and do it right now!

Kim said...

Kerri, these ROCK!! What a great set! And, shoot, our last day is next Friday. Will you bake us some brownies too? Please????

LOVE that cow pic. They look HUGE!

Jealous you find out next year's teacher already. We have to wait until the day before school starts in the fall.

Need to try that salad. I just tried the McD's Asian Chicken salad. It's good, but this one looks like dessert.

Kris said...

What great pictures Kerri!!! You made Brady's last day of school a fun one to remember!!! Love the teachers note too. So thoughtful! Happy Summer indeed!!

reeve said...

love your photos!

Bridget said...

Great photos!!! Happy Summer Brady!!

Karina said...

What a wonderful day. I love how you made it such a great celebration with all these special touches. You get the mom of the year award - sometimes I forget how hard they work to do so well...I should be better at acknowledging it. Beautiful set.

sloan said...

what an AWESOME day to have your 10 on 10 kerri ... I can really feel the excitement of the last day of school in every shot - I love this!! i laughed over brady's restaurant choice ... for LL's b'day this past week, she also wanted waffles for dinner!! btw, the cows as your traffic jam?! that might actually be my favorite shot - so unexpected, we sure don't see any of that in coastal massachusetts ;-)

Nicolle said...

Yes, what is that salad? I want to try it too!

Love Brady's Hawaiian day outfit. Fun. Our traffic jams are usually trains that decide to almost clear the track, then back up, going 1 mile an hour. ugh!

Your pictures are wonderful Kerri!

Kristen said...

What a great day!!! I agree with Holly-- Teachers are probably fighting over you as a room mom! ;)

I love that salad from Wendy's!

And I love the chalk board on the wall--- we may have to do something like that! :)

Gabe said...

love, love love the cow picture!

But all of them are wonderful. . .the salad picture looks like it could be on PW!

The one of Brady rejoicing. . .priceless!

Glad you were finally able to take him to play tennis. . .

Susan R said...

Kerri this is so cute. You really are an amazing mom. You are so encouraging and do really cute things for your son. I hope your fellas know how lucky they are to have you.
I love the HP campout. Great idea!
I'm VERY impressed that Brady is playing such an advanced game at his age (I mean playing with older aged kids), that's really an accomplishment. I really hope he continues with his tennis, even if you're a little tired of it all. I love the photo of you and brady, you look like a tennis player too.
Have a great day friend.

Jen said...

Yay!!!!! Great day! So glad Brady finally got to play tennis. The cows crack me up!!!!
And I just bought my husband a tervis tumbler for Fathers day...shhhhhh. The teachers will absolutely love them!!

yaya said...

Fun day and a fun way to end the year. Congrats to Brady for a good report card too! I bet the teachers all fight to have him in their class just knowing the great support they will get from his family as well as a fun kiddo to teach. Have a fab summer, it's already looking fun!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

You must find a way to incorporate the excited pic of Brady in your next blog header. It just screams SUMMER!!!!

Megan said...

What a great day! You are so good to do so many special things for the last day of school!

JulieBGreen said...

I think this may be my fav 10 on 10! You look like an incredibly supportive, thoughtful and loving family!! Oh and I love the cow pic :)

Cherie said...

The photo's are great - I love the chalkboard message to Brady! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this 10 on 10 idea - Gonna do it!

Jenny said...

Love all of these. You always have such jampacked days!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Over from 10 on 10. Love your post!

My kind of traffic jam for sure!!

You've got a smart & great kid there. :o)

Cindy said...

Yeah...we snuck in a last lunch date too. Funny..."see you in the fall Eric"...I so get that!:)
Love the traffic jam.
And that salad looks yummy...I have been wondering about that one!
Great pics Kerri
Have a happy day

Tessa said...

you are the best mom!! what a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year!! brady seems like such a great kid!!

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