Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Funday...Well, Not Really!

I'm feeling a little down could be a number of things.
It's Monday.
My monthly friend is due.
Not enough sleep this weekend.
Brady's birthday is over. 
It's cold and rainy.
I ate horribly all weekend long.
Brady is home sick today...well, he was this he's better.

So, to make myself feel better...I had this after lunch.

You know the donuts that come in the box with the powdered ones and the chocolate ones?
Well, nobody eats them here.  I read somewhere that if you bake them for a few minutes,
they get all crispy and warm and are much better.  So, since I'm on a downward spiral as far
as eating goes...I thought I would try it.  And, it's true!  It tasted like it came straight out of the
oven at the bakery!  Only it came straight from the box and out of my oven!

Why am I  even eating this donut when I joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago?
I have been the same weight for years...and I just wanted to try and lose 10 lbs. before summer.
I feel like I am good at exercising...I'm just not very good at watching what I eat.
Anyway, I followed the program to a T those first two weeks.  The first week I weighted in, I lost
exactly one pound.  I had heard that often the first week people lose the most.  I was a little disappointed,
but it didn't discourage me from continuing on.  The second week, I lost .2 ounces!  As soon as I left the
meeting, I came home and had 1/3 of one of these:

I made a bunch of these for a bake sale at school.
Quick and easy.  I posted about them
can find the directions here.

I know Weight Watchers works...I just need to stick with it.
I tend to give up too easily if I don't see results right away.  I need to
remember how good I felt those two weeks.  I felt in control of what I was eating,
I had more energy, and I felt better.    I will try and get back on track.

 Sunday afternoon I looked out the window into our backyard and saw this mom and three kids
playing on Brady's playset.  It must have been someone visiting a neighbor because I didn't recognize
them.  I just find it odd.  I can't imagine taking my son into someone else's yard without asking first.  I'm all for sharing.  In fact, I enjoyed watching them least someone's getting some use out of it!  Brady has enjoyed playing on it here and there...but definately not like we had hoped he would.  Anyway, maybe I'm just being overly critical.  My husband didn't seem to think it was a big deal.  I just find it a little rude.  Just ring the doorbell and ask.  Oh well.   Maybe it's just my monthly friend coming out...she's not as nice as me.

Have a great week!


CranfordFamily said...

Your spring deserts are adorable!!

Don't feel bad, dieting is hard. I never tell people when I'm on a diet. That way if I cheat, I don't have to hear anyones comments...."oooo, that's not on your diet...." (as I roll my eyes and think to myself "shut up")

Is your yard not fenced in? Maybe she though it was a neighborhood playground, since it is pretty big and awesome, (I must say, I've never seen a set up like that at someones home) unless she is behind your house and its obvious that it's private property.

M.O.T.B said...

Um, yeah I probably wouldn't have been to happy either! Oh my!

Nicolle said...

Oh yes, I love the coffee picture! :))

Ok, yes, that is totally weird that someone else was on your playset. Maybe they thought your yard was so big they were at a park or something?! It would have rubbed me the wrong way too though, if they knew better.

OK, don't get me started on the weight thing. I know it's so hard. I have been beating myself up over it for a couple of years now. I had Boyd, lost a ton of weight in the first couple of weeks. Now I'm miserable. I was so miserable looking back at pics of myself in Hawaii. I LOVED the trip, but was so depressed to see my self. I know it's hard. I know you can do it though!

Sorry you are having a down day. All of the things you listed can definitely add up. Chin up! You are a beautiful and amazing person!

yaya said...

Sorry it's a bummer day for you..I'm really sorry about the "friend" issue. Truly. The happiest day of my life was when I "unfriended" my friend..sent it to the pathologist and declared myself womb for rent so to speak. Now for something fun..I love those cookie thingies and I'm going to make some ASAP! Also, I would not be happy with the kiddo issue on my playgground luck someone would fall, break an arm and sue me. Ok, enough crazy thoughts, have a great day tomorrow and know you totally made mine better with that recipe! P.S...I want to defriend my weight too, only it won't leave me alone.

Susan R said...

Oh so many thoughts here. Let's start with....hold the flippin' phone. Someone just walked into your back yard to play on the playset? I'm very easy going and I love to share, but I would become the woman from he*% if I saw something like that. Tomorrow they'll be having a BBQ in your back yard, but not until they've invited a bunch of friends over. So so uncool. What ever happened to asking first?
As far as the diet....sorry I'm not going to be of any help on this one. I absolutely ABHOR diets of any kind. Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc...I think they're all a bunch of junk. Best to follow a simple healthy eating life style and habit and not have to pile on a ton of guilt because you have a bit of junk food once in a while.
You do, however, have my sympathies for that "friend" coming to visit soon. I always say, "the sooner I hit menopause the better." My friend ALWAYS comes to visit at the worst possible times.
I say you should make a 12 layer cake and forget about it. Not really, do better tomorrow and don't worry about "falling off the wagon".

Lorri said...

Ok.......that is weird! I can't imagine a random group of people playing on our swing set without asking. In fact, I'm pretty sure it would have been weird if they DID ask. My neighbors come over all the time (without asking) and that is perfectly fine.......but strangers? Well, it just confuses me.

As for weight: I can't remember a single time in my life that I wasn't worried about it...even when I was only 120 pounds at 5 feet 8 inches. After three kids, I am no where near that. I wish I could be the girl that accepts my weight and moves on- happily. But that's just not me. Ugh.

Karen said...

Hey Kerri. Wishing I had a donut to eat. :) Thoughts on the family on the playset. I betcha they thought it was a community set. You guys have that huge backyard and the set is on the back corner. Plus it's an amazing playset...they type you usually only see in parks. (Although if they were visiting one of your neighbors, you'd think they would have mentioned something to her.) Go figure.

Karen said...

P.S. - My boys still play with Brady's old sandbox. It's a summertime favorite! It's soon time to get fresh sand and open it up again.

Cherie said...

OK I have to comment as well on the people who walked into your backyard. While it was cute and nice that someone was using your playset. If they would have gotten hurt you would have been footing the bill bigtime. I think it is highly odd and I would have probably said something - Not necessarily kicking them out, but just letting them know it was your yard and you were so surprised to see strangers out there. Ha ha Very weird.

I hope your day got better - it was kind of a gloomy Monday around here too. So much for the start of spring!


Donna said...

Hahaha! You had almost the same day I did, Kerri! I ate junk this weekend too with HUGE expectations of myself to begin a new diet!! You made wonderful treats though while I just ate them!
As for the mother bringing her kids to your yard,....wrong! Did she think there was a sign saying "neighborhood ground"? That's tresspassing. You are very gracious to allow it.
Tomorrow is a new day..for you and me and the 10lbs!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your day got better. I hate that annoying monthly visitor and I hate dieting! It's so so so hard. That donut looks so darn good :))

That's crazy about the family coming into your yard. If it happens tomorrow you should probably say something. CRAZY!!

Stef said...

I think it's really odd that someone would just walk into your yard and start playing on your things. You are nice to have just watched. I would went out and said something like, "Hi! I'm Stef. You know, the owner of the playset. Nice to meet you."
I hate Monthly Molly. She is just a grouch! But your treats look so yummy. How did I miss them????

Cindy said...

Strangers in your backyard is just plain weird!! Not really sure what I would have done...probably the same things you did, OR we would have all gone out to play...I would just have to get to the bottom of that!!:)

Sorry for the down day. Food can really wreck your mood can't it? We went away for the night over the weekend and we all ate so much junk! Felt completely out of it for two days it seemed! Sugar is a drug!!!:)

Glad you got the exercise part done. That can really be the hardest part for some people. As far as the food goes, I think you need to forgive yourself and move on...start today with better choices. You already kicked the DMD habit, what a huge accomplishment that was. Take one hour and one meal at a time. And pound that water!!:)

Hope today is better my friend

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, how in the heck do you deal with people just coming into your yard, that is so weird. I would never do that. But I am too chicken to tell them to get out too. Hang in there with WW, I think this time of year is sooooooo hard, we are all craving sunlight and warmth and activity. Just remember to not be too hard on yourself, you're only human.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri, I was have blogger troubles! But I got it all fixed...I think :)

Jen said...

Yeah....the strangers on the playset..that is wierd!
Sorry about your weight loss troubles...the monthly friend usually wins out with me and sweets too. Next week will be better!
Happy Birthday to Brady! Awesome cake!

three14creations said...

Love the desserts and I would totally have an issue with some stranger being on my kids play stuff. I certainly wouldn't mind if they asked, but come on....seriously? Why would anyone think it was ok to just play on someone else's playground? All I can think is that it's such an incredibly nice playground, they thought it was the neighborhood free-for-all playground. :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kerri~ That is BAZAAR that they were in your back yard like a playground. ODD! No, I wouldn't like that one bit.
That is exactly how I am, I don't see big results so , I go off the wagon! GRRR! I find it best to stay off the scale at first.
I give you credit for oly eating 1/3 of one of those!
Have a pretty day!!!!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

p.s. YES! Gey a satin pillowcase! You will love it!

Jill said...


Sorry to hear about your feeling down, I hope today has been better for you. Don't be hard on yourself about the eating. It's a lifestyle change and it takes time. You'll get back on track in no time! Hormones certainly play a factor too, lol.
That is odd about your playset, and it is true that if they got injured you could be sued. That would be my only concern about it. Unfortuneately in today's society you never know what people may do?
Have a great day!

Seizing My Day said...

I hope today is better than yesterday!! I am trying to drop 10 lbs before summer too! The biggest thing for me is Night time snacking!! **ugh** I crave salt and sweet at night... AWFUL! I am giving it up... 100%... no cheating ... I hope.. ha ha!! It is always worse around the monthly cycle... dang hormones! The hardest thing to give up is carbs... reducing carbs and increasing protein is what my doctor told me to do... and cardio every other day... You can do it Kerri!

and yep.. I agree... I bet that family thought your playground was a neighborhood playset... CRAZY!! maybe you could post a sign?? Jill is right... you could be sued if someone gets hurt using it ...even without your permission!

Hope a little Spring Sunshine brightens up your day~!! =)

Kat said...

Okay, that is totally bizarre that you looked out the window and found those strangers on your playset. So weird, yet hilarious because it's so odd. Those donuts and sweet things look delicious. Now I want some too!

Kat said...

Love the March blog header!

J said...

Hi Kerri,
I guess there are lots of us feeling the blues lately...what gives? It's spring. We're supposed to be happy! And tan, and skinny!!!! :)

Anyway, that donut looks SO DELISH!!!! You have tempted me terribly!!!

I would have eaten the entire Easter cake. Congrats to you.

AND, weirdo lady on the playground!!! Maybe she was lost???? LOL

Talk to you soon.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

TOTALLY weird.....

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kerri, hope your days are getting better. That donut sure looks good! I lost like 10 pounds over around 2 months just by eating better. I use to eat a bagel with a pound of cream cheese *every* morning. Ugh. My weakness. I know how hard it is. And I'm sure for you it's extra hard cause you are always cooking such yummy, yummy things! I don't have a sweet tooth. I'm a salty girl! Chips and pretzels and bagels, oh my!

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