Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He's Full Of Compliments

I'm not sure where he gets it from.
But, I'm not exaggerating when I say that this sweet boy compliments me twenty plus times a day.
This is not including the weekend when he's home all day!
It started about 3yrs. ago.  At first, we wondered, why is he doing this?
Did he love the reaction he got from me?  I have toned my reaction down over the years...
I don't want him to think I need compliments all the time.  Sometimes I feel bad, because
I hardly react at all.  Sometimes he's just so sweet...and sometimes it's just over the top
ridiculous.  We have tried to explain to him that sometimes too many compliments can
make someone not believe all those nice things are really true.  And, sometimes those compliments can
lose their specialness if they are said too often.  But, he doesn't care...he continues to shower me
with too many compliments everyday.

The wink in the picture above is a very common facial expression we see daily!
"Good Morning, Cutes" is the first thing Brady says to me everyday.
The last thing he says to me every night, "see you in the LOVE morning."

Here are a handful of things I hear often.
By the way, if you start to feel nautious, you won't hurt my feelings if you stop reading!


You're so cute.
How'd you get so cute?
You're the BEST mom ever.
If there was a best mom prize...you would win it for sure.
You have the softess cheeks ever.
I could sleep on these cheeks all day.
You're a cooker and a looker!
Now I know why Dad married you!
Lookin' good!
I'm so lucky you're my mom.
You know what I love about you? __,___and__!
You're the best mom a sick boy could ever have.
When you wear your hat, I can't see your beautiful hair.
Are you sure you didn't go to beauty school?
Cause you are so beautiful.
I could just look at your cute face all day.
You know what I love?  YOU!
You are just too much fancy!
You make everything special.
You're my favorite person in the world.

Okay, those are all that are coming to me right now.
I wondered if  this might stop.
But it hasn't...he picked a big vase full on Sunday.

He's definately a charmer.  I'm not looking forward to the teen years.
I will say, I think he is going to make a loving husband someday.
I see firsthand little glimpses of this everyday.
He notices everything. A haircut or color, a new shirt, earrings.
I know someday someone else will be his favorite person in the world.
So for now, I will just smile and say thank-you and take it all in.

I know I've said it before, but being your mom is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.
I love you! 

To all my beautiful friends out there....
I hope you have a wonderful day!



CranfordFamily said...

OMG this is TOO cute! You must be the best mom ever if your little boy says those things!! How sweet. He's gonna be a handful once he starts having girlfriends! My daughter is very encouraging...ex "Wow mom, that looks beautiful" "Good job momma, you finished your dinner" "Oh wow, that's amazing" I smile b/c I know her teacher at daycare is saying these things to her regularly!! It's just funny to hear a two year old say amazing!

Jill said...

So sweet!!! Enjoy every minute of it :-)
Have a great day!

Karen said...

Kerri, what a charmer indeed! Wow! That is super sweet. You are one blessed momma.

You WILL have to keep an eye on that boy when he starts dating! The girls are gonna go gaga.

Cindy said...

Now that is just plain funny! And sweet as all get out too!!:)
Is your hubby the big charmer too? Does he get it from him, or was he just born knowing all that adorable stuff!!??:)
I say enjoy it and remember every line. It might be good to remind him of a few when he is begging for the car one Friday night!!:)\
Have a happy day...you cooker and fancy looker!!

Has Brady ever read any A-Z Mysteries?
Riley loves them, maybe an idea for the summer??

Jenny said...

OH my goodness, where did he get some of those? He is definitely a charmer. You ARE a lucky mommy. I have officially joined the "no fair" mommy club, I'd be so happy with some of those complements. I agree with Karen, the girls are going to be knocking down your door, watch out!

Susan R said...

Holy Crow!
That is the sweetest thing. Whether he is being genuine or not...there's a fella that is going to know how to treat a gal.
Watch out! This one is going to have all the girls after him. Who needs Maria Sharapova?
Hopefully this behavior continues into his teen years, knowing him, I bet it will.
Way to go Brady.

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Now, that is one of the sweatest things ever!

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...


Anonymous said...

He's a looker and a charmer!!

Lorri said...

Girl! You better watch out! He is precious! I just hope he finds a girl (a LONG time from now) that will appreciate his sweet soul. I love that he isn't "too cool" to shower you with those compliments! And for now...just savor every single one of those compliments!

Cherie said...

LOVE IT! These had me giggling with delight!

You are one loved mom and I would not discourage him at all - believe me that there comes a day when he will still love you with all of his heart but he won't say it or give out these compliments as much, so enjoy it while you can.
He is the cutest boy!
You will be so glad you wrote these down.

Bridget said...

Awww, he is such a sweetie!!

Kristy said...

Gosh this post made me smile! What a lovely boy you have there - definitely a charmer! x


Nicolle said...

Oh my goodness, Brady is as sweet as he can be! All of those compliments made me smile. Yes, one day someone else will be his favorite, so enjoy it all. BUT, it sounds like he will always have a special place in his heart for his mama! :))

Jen said...

A cooker and a looker...that is my absolute favorite!
So sweet...and mushy gushy...I hope you have it tape recorded too.

Donna said...

Yes...you are teaching hime to be charming...what a gift!! That will stand him in good stead his whole life!!

Stef said...

Just don't ever let him into a bar.
I think it is precious. Some kids are just more sensitive. My oldest is a lot like that. Or he used to be. Dang hormones!!
Watch out girls!

gabe said...

Maybe he and Annika could get married when they grow up.
I would love for her to marry such a charming youn man.

Steelers6 said...

Omw, how adorable! Hee hee, thanks for sharing this, it was so cute. I LOVED his drawing, the words made me laugh out loud.

I'm wondering where he gets some of these expressions and words, as they aren't all common. From TV, or his daddy, maybe?

I'm glad you spelled these out on your blog bc some of them you WILL forget, even though ya think you never will. Maybe scrapbook them also. At least you have them here in writing.

Happy weekend. Too bad about the cold weather!

yaya said...

Yep, he's going to make some lucky girl a wonderful hubby, now just teach him to do laundry! Treasure each and every saying...then again, maybe he's trying to see which one you respond to the best, and he'll use it when he's a teenager! What ever..he's adorable!

Tessa said...

oh keri, this made me laugh out loud! I needed to read this today. so glad you captured this and shared it with all of us. too funny. hold on to this while you can!


Kat said...

Kerri, that's hysterical. He's such a cutie! He's going to make a terrific husband someday. Precious!

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