Saturday, March 26, 2011

Healthy Eating

I skipped my Weight Watcher meeting yesterday...because I knew it wouldn't be pretty!
I will have to do better this week.
New healthy recipes always help get me motivated.
I found this recipe blog that I love.  You've probably already been to Gina's's pretty popular!
Her recipes are easy and she includes all the nutritionals.
She also calculates the points for those who are doing Weight Watchers.
I tried three of her recipes this week:

This was really good.  I skipped the tomatillos b/c I didn't have them.
Next time I might add a little avacado.

Roasted Chickpea Snack
Yum!  Make sure you leave them in the oven long enough....
They need to be hard and crunchy!

Low Fat Baked Onion Rings

These were very light and crispy.  I enjoyed them!

Of course last night we went and ordered these:

It was Brady's idea...the wings...not the beer!
I'm not very good at this dieting thing.
I know it's about moderation...but I think if it weren't for the weekends...
my clothes might fit better!

Have a good one!


Traci said...

I've never seen that recipe blog so thanks for sharing.

The weekends do me in too. Dieting is so crazy hard...especially when you're a big eater (like me)

gabe said...

I must live in a cave because I rarely know about other blogs...looks like a good one! Those onion rings look so yummy!

Glad the beer wasnt Bradys idea!

yaya said...

Your recipes look wonderful. I need to check out that blog. However, the diet thing just does me in...I can do pretty good..then I wake up and start the day and it's all over!

Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Oooh that cilantro dressing looks yummy! I've been looking for some lighter recipes - thanks so much for sharing!

ps - why can't chocolate & pizza & wings be diet food!?! :)

corners of my life said...

Thanks for the website link. Looks like a lot of great recipes.

Donna said...

So funny....about the wings and beer!! That's the kind of dieter I am! I just made your m&m chocolate chip cookie tort...THAT was good!! The dressing looks good but not as good as your torte!!

Bridget said...

These recipes look yummy! I'll have to go check her blog out.

Tessa said...

ok that cilantro dressing is going on my meal plan for next week. sounds so yummy. as do the other things, including the wings & beer! ;)


Kris said...


Kat said...

Those look delicious. I am pretty good during the week too, the weekends, however, a totally different story.

Genn said...

Hi Kerri!
Thanks for sharing the recipe blog. I'm going to go check it out right now.
That creamy cilantro dressing looks SO good. I buy one that looks similar at Fresh N Easy. It's probably way better homemade though.

It's hard to stay motivated to eat right.
Have you read Skinny Bitch or Food Rules? Right now those two books are really keepin me motivated!!

Cindy said...

Those snacks look really yummy (the wings too actually!). I have never seen that site, but I will pass it along to my chef!:) He loves new inspiration. Weekends are always toughest for me's finally back to a normal Monday for us.
Have a happy day Kerri

Kim said...

Those chickpeas look yummy! My friend is doing WW also. She really fell off the wagon too. We had movie popcorn followed by a night of margaritas and fish tacos. I think she hates me now.

Stephanie the PW said...

All of those recipes look fantastic.. especially the baked onion rings... but the wings look SOOOO much better! haha!!! The weekends are so tough, we eat out way too much!

Jenny said...

Hang in there Kerri. Weekends throw us off our whole schedules, everything, not just food but exercising, cleaning, sleep... I have a recipe for chickpeas snack that I want to try too. I think the onion rings look fantastic. I hardly ever eat those but I do love them. Better luck this week.

Jill said...

Glad you are enjoying the site! I love her recipes. :-) I agree weekends are tough especially when you're out and about like we are trying to get things done. I try to carry snacks and water but it doesn't help with the meals. :-)

Have a great day!


sloan said...

omg, kerri, i missed so many posts over here!! I love those dipped oreos with the clover sprinkles and the little cookie cakes with the marshmallows and jelly beans?? Please, you are too much!! Happy belated Birthday to Brady, too, I'm sorry to hear you were getting some sass recently ... he's such a good boy, I know it won't last long ;-) BTW, I'm totally checking the link to these yummy recipes - thanks! Good to be back - I missed you!!

Stef said...

Thanks so much for that site. I too am going to start WW...someday this week. I haven't really commited to a day yet. But I am thinking this will make it more fun!! Okay, maybe fun is not the right word. Bareable???

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Don't get down on yourself Kerri! It's easier if you have a specific time goal. I always do well when I know a bathing suit and camera's might be involved : )

Nicolle said...

I love beer and wings! :)

The creamy dressing looks great. Someone else recently showed me her website too.

I have made the chickpeas before and loved them, but I cooked them just a tad too long. They are really good though!

Kris said...

HI Kerri,
Thanks for the nice comment on my table redo. You mentioned skipping your WW meeting. I wanted to share something my leader always says. She says, "When you have a good week, your meeting needs YOU, when you have a bad week, YOU need your meeting" I love that. It is so true. Hang in there! I am in your corner!!!!

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