Friday, March 4, 2011

The Deal With The Leprechaun Hat

Do you recognize the store?  This picture was taken at Home Goods.
Eric and I were out on a date when we stopped in for a quick look.
We were just about to leave when I spotted this big green leprechaun hat.
I knew it would be perfect for my March header!
It was heavy and made out of iron or metal or something.
I begged Eric to put it on so I could get a picture!
I was only able to get two quick shots before he took it off.
He said it was "hurting" him.
When we got out to the parking lot, we noticed his head was bleeding!
We laughed and laughed!  My husband is such a trooper.

And he'll do anything for a foot massage!

Have a great weekend!


Donna said...

Sooooo funny, Kerri!! Hahahaha! What a great hubby you have! But heck you can do that to me too,....for a foot massage!!!!

Bridget said...

HAHA!! Funny story behind the picture. Yeah, I'd totally do that too if my hubby offered me a foot massage.

Diane said...

Too funny! I love Home Goods but I'll have to remember not to try on the metal leprachaun hat. ouch! LOL!

sloan said...

omg, kerri, that story is hilarious!!! my hubby would definitely not have been as obliging - i love that he did that for you and the photo came out GREAT, he looks happy anyway!

Nicolle said...

That is funny! Kevin would have worn the hat, but made me swear not to share the picture. haha. LOVE IT! :)

Jenny said...

So funny. I am laughing so hard. Poor guy. He definitely took one for the team on that one. He looks cute though, be sure to tell him.

Susan R said...

Okay, that's a real man for ya. Willing to sacrifice his blood for your blog header.
I hope you bought the hat for your front lawn, it's a keeper, especially since it carries a good sacrifice story behind it.
Brady looks cute with his green shirt and the Kit Kat. Maybe you could give the kitty some green stripes for the occasion.
By the way...I found eighteen26 through your blog...thank you very much. I love their great ideas. Is the St. Patty's picture on your blog header your own? If so, how did you make it?

J said...

Good story, good husband, good deal!!!

Lorri said...

That is hilarious! What a good sport!

Stef said...

Hahaha. That is too funny. What a fun date. I love those kind, when you just hang out. How do you do those headers anyway. I love them!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

So funny and nice to have a husband with a sense of humor! That hat is so great!

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

first of all.... i love that you go to homegoods on date night! what a great guy!

Karina said...

And it did indeed make for a great header....glad he didn't let a little thing like a gashed forehead spoil a good shot - and I'm impressed that you had your camera - in home goods - on a date night. Love it!

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