Friday, June 4, 2010

My Sweet Boy

The first woman a little boy falls in love with is his mom.
-author unknown

This is the earliest picture I have of Brady giving me flowers. He had just turned two. He continues to this day to bring me flowers about 90% of the time he goes outside.  This morning as we were rushing out the door to get to the bus stop, he spotted the teeniest little purple flower in the grass near the street and had to pick it for me.  Yesterday we went to the park for a walk, and by the end of our two mile walk, he had a little bouquet of flowers for me that he had picked along the way. Two days ago he got off the bus with a little yellow buttercup flower he had found on the playground at school.   He is always so proud when he gives me the flowers...he is just the sweetest boy ever!  I wonder if  my reaction is so GREAT...or is it the pride he feels within himself for giving me flowers, the reason he continues to do so day after day for the past five years.  Or maybe it's just something all little boys do for their moms!  Whatever the reason, it sure makes us both feel special!

I always give my flowers a "drink" as Brady calls it. 
These are my special vases that I will keep forever.


Caitlin said...

this just made my heart melt. That is so sweet. You are raising one sweet boy!! It's awesome that you cherish those little flowers. When I was little my mom NEVER did anything like that...she said they were weeds and threw them back out in the yard! LOL! This makes me look sooo forward to my little boy growing up and being a mama's boy ;-) thanks for sharing this! It made my day!

Cindy said...

Flowers from your babies are the sweetest kind aren't they? Picked with pure love!:)
What a sweet memory you have captured here.
Enjoy the day
Love those vases.....

Karen said...

Edison is my flower-giver out of all my boys. It's especially sweet to me because he's not very physically affectionate, but he loves to pick flowers for me.

I LOVE that you put the dandelions in a vase too! What a good mom!

Jen said...

Love that tiny boy with the giant bouquet of flowers!

Love Zac Brown band too!"Toes in the water, etc.."

Happy weekend!

Pam said...

oh i love that quote! cute photo!!

Susan said...

Oh my heck Kerri, this is the cutest thing ever. How old is your little guy? My baby girl still brings me flowers.
I watched a little girl walking home from school, stop at my neighbors house and pick a boquet of his prize tulips. I just had to laugh because you have to know her mother is going to be in shock when she sees them. I can hear it now...."Uhhhh, those are lovely, thank you....where did you get them?" Am I right?

Tami said...

How cute it that? It is the simple things in life that make each day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Angie said...

So sweet!! I LOVE IT!! ;)

Bridget said...

Awww, flowers from little boys are so sweet!!

Nicolle said...

Beautiful flowers and I love your little vases. I love the older photo of him!! Adorable. He is such a doll. You have a very sweet boy on your hands. :))

jen said...

I just made a discovery. I thought you were on my blogroll, and I found out today you haven't been. And I've missed stuff!
Added you today!
So sorry.
And as the mother of four sons, a truer statement was never said.

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