Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Big Win Tonight

These pictures were taken from behind the nets.... really far away with our video camera.

On most Sundays, Brady has a tennis match from 6-7pm.  He is matched up with different players each week depending on who signs up.  Earlier this week I got a call from the coach wanting to know if Brady would be interested in playing at 5pm also.  There was an extra player who didn't have a partner and the courts were full at 6pm.  I went ahead and said yes (Brady was at school) and sure enough, when I asked him if he would want to play two matches this week...he didn't hesitate.  Just as I suspected...he felt like he hit the jackpot!

I'm not sure how old this boy is.  He looked about 8th or 9th grade.  Who knows.  He hit the ball hard.  Brady lost 11 games to 6.  Most of the games were really close...and if Brady had played his best, he would have won a few more games.  Brady was happy though after the match...he said he thinks the boy was in 10th grade.  I'm not so sure about that!

As I've said before, Brady loses most of his matches on Sunday nights.  And he is okay with that.  If he was upset or mad or frustrated about losing...we would need to rethink letting him play in these matches.  I think the youngest person he has played against was 3 years older than him.  Most 7 and 8 year olds  (in our area) cannot serve consistenly...therefore they cannot play in matches at this tennis club.  I think knowing these kids are older makes it a little easier to deal with losing. 

Brady's second match tonight was against Devon.  This was his 3rd time playing him.  He played him in the fall and lost 12 games to 6.  In early January he lost again 12-7.  Tonight Brady beat Devon 11-3.  We were so excited for him.  Even though Brady is very confident as far as tennis goes...I worry that this confidence can only last so long!  Afterwards, when Brady came off the court and through the doors, I went to give him a high five.  He whispered, "not until we get into the van, Mom."  I love that he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by celebrating his win.  I sure wish he had the same kind of maturity off the court  (meaning at home) as he does on!  (We'll continue to work on that!)

I hope I don't sound too boastful when I talk about my son...I really don't want to come across that way.  I want Brady to someday read my blog and know that his attitude, his sportsmanship and the way he treats others, will always be more important to me than how many tennis matches he wins. 

Oh, and let me not forget this.....during Brady's 2nd match tonight, he looked up into the stands where we were sitting and blew me a kiss.  Man do I love that boy!

~Brady's Mom


Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

You don't sound boastful at all! You have an amazing son and you should be proud of him! {And you!}

Besides, when he's a huge tennis star, this blog will become SUPER famous and you'll be able to say, SEE!! I knew it all along!! ;-)

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

PS, your new header is super cute :)

jen said...

#1 It's your blog. He's your kid. Brag away.
#2 I'm with Kimberly. We'll all say, "We knew him when!"

sloan said...

OK, the kiss he blew to you is now my new favorite art of the story!! And no apologies, kerri, I just did the exact same thing with my little bug's art talents - jen's right, this is YOUR blog ... brag away, momma!! besides, it sounds like the things your proudest of are not his wins but his incredible attitude - what an amazing kid that brady is ... and who deserves the credit there??!! Nice job raising such an incredible boy, kerri ;-)

gabe said...

we all really should just call our blogs our brag books, right!! I love that you are more proud of who he is than of what he can do! Keep up the good work and he will mature off the court, too!

Anonymous said...

My heart melted with the kiss!

GO Brady!! I love hearing about his tennis!!

Jenny said...

OK I was thinking Brady was awesome before and then the kiss, well, that's just even more awesomer!!! I think he is a great kid and I love his enthusiasm. Keep bragging Kerri, he is what he is because of his wonderful parents.

Jen said...

We all love him too! What a great kid!
Congrats on the big win!

Bridget said...

First, your new blog header is stinkin' adorable!!! LOVE IT!!

I love the black and white photos, they just look really neat to me. So glad Brady did well at the games. I think it's really sweet that he blew you a kiss, too.

J said...

Wooooohooooo Brady!!!

I love how you write about your wonderful son!!! He is a VERY special young man. I love the kiss and the "wait til the van" part! ;)

Love the new header, too.

BTW, I think you will enjoy WW if you go on Friday. I would love a group to join, but I have to do it online. The group in my town meets at can do. It's working for me.
Good luck!

Jill said...

I think one day he will look back and this blog and know how much his Mommy loves him! Don't ever apologize for supporting your son! He's awesome. :-) You should be proud :-)

I love your new header! How do you put those together? I've been wanting to spruce up my blog...but need an easy fix...I'm always searching for more time! LOL

Have a great night!


Stef said...

What a great kid you are raising. Maybe when he gets older we can hook him up with my daughter. Yes?

Cindy said...

hey there...
wow, I have been out of it a bit and missed a bunch over here!
First, look at that awesome header!!!! I love the colors! It screams "Where is spring?" to me!!!:) Those cake pops (is that what they are?) look so yummy. And what an awesome hubby you have to pose for that picture for you and let you put it on your blog!! Love him!

Ok, now onto Brady!
That boy is still amazing me! I know how proud you must feel. He is growing up into a wonderful young man!

Have a happy day

Kim said...

You don't sound boastful at all. I am so inspired hearing how well he plays and how he is so mature. I need you to come here and teach my ballerinas a bit of that spirit!

Way to go, Brady!

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