Friday, February 25, 2011

A Simple Solution...If You're Neurotic Like Me

Box tabs or flaps or whatever you call them drive me crazy!
Especially when I walk into the pantry and see something
has been left open or the box just "popped" open.
It looks so messy.

After learning this simple solution 5 years ago from
a "get organized" speaker at church...I no longer
worry about those tabs!  As soon as I get home from the
grocery, I do this:

Pulling off the tabs definately helps to keep the pantry
looking more organized.  And, it's easier to see when
items are getting low and need to go on the grocery list.

Box flaps are annoying, right?
I hope I'm not the only crazy  person!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!



J said...

Me, too! Me, too! Why haven't I ever done this? Great idea and simple (which I love!). Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Kerri, I remember that speaker and that suggestion. It was at a MOPS meeting, right?

Diane said...

This is not something that bothers me but I had to laugh when I saw the picture with the tabs torn off. That's one way to fix it! Ha ha!

Just found your follower. :)

sloan said...

Nice!! I'm the same about those pesty tops - always annoyed when the box rips and it makes it impossible to interlock the flaps!! I often take the tops off like you do when they're ripped beyond function - didn't realize it's an actual strategy - who knew?!!

Kim said...

Cracking up! The poor box looks like you RIPPED those flaps right off. Like "take that flaps!"

It irritates me when I can't interlock them too. You're not alone. :)

And thanks for your sweet comment about my Joy of Love posts. It's been fun documenting parts of our story. I'm hoping it will mean something to our girls someday.

Anonymous said...

I do that too!

Jill said...

LOL! I thought I was the only one who did that, lol. I use lots of containers in my pantry, the more organized the better! :-) LOL

Have a great weekend!


Bridget said...

My guys are always leaving empty boxes in the pantry, and this would really help keep track of boxes that are finished!

Jenny said...

Oh my, I thought I was the only one who did this!!! Us moms rock, don't we?

Cindy said...

So funny....right there with ya!!!:)
Have a happy day

Stef said...

Ha. What a great solution. I do that with my ziplock bags that are kept in a drawer. If you don't, then the flap always gets the drawer stuck. Annoying.
But I really like this idea!
How's your green room looking?

Seizing My Day said...

ha ha ha.. .I DO that too... with any box I can get away with it on... do you do that with cerela boxes?? Oh... and I have to make sure the box tops are clipped if it is a box top item!! =) My hubby LOVES pop tarts!! When do we get to see the kitchen?? =)

Donna said...

Funny Kerri...sounds compulsive, huh? I not only take them off...I have to CUT them off so they all look uniform and neat! Ha!

Kerri said...

I do the same thing! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! I totally do the same thing. I even do it with my, ahem, lady products I store under the sink. :)

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