Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Diningroom Table

Several of you commented the other day about our diningroom I thought I would tell you about it!

When my husband and I were first married, we really wanted a new (but old looking) diningroom table.  We looked all over the county and a couple others, looking for something we liked and could afford.  We were actually on our way home one evening from a furniture store when  we found a table at the side of the road for $40.00.  My husband thought it had potential...I on the otherhand didn't even want it going in the back of the car it was so dirty.  I wish I had a better picture...but I don't.  Here's what the table looked like when we first brought it home:

The bottom and sides were gray and rusty...and the top was rusty and dirty!
There's lots of markings on the top.  An Amish man had used it as a work table.
My husband had never refinished anything before, but for $40.00....he really wanted to try.

Here is our diningroom table today:

Eric cleaned it up, sanded it, added some trim and painted it.
We bought the chairs unfinished and painted them.
They were on sale for $32.00 each!
We have eaten many meals at this table....and it has served us well.
I wish I had a picture of the table right after Eric finished it.
Ten years later and it could definately use another touch up.
When Brady was about 4 yrs. old, he told us that we have the oldest
and ugliest table of anyone he knows!  I guess he doesn't see the charm like we do!

This was the first of many projects that my husband would tackle.
Most of our home is filled with things he has made.

Our area is filled with primitive and country decorating.  We see it everywhere.
After almost 15 years, we are ready for a change in style.
Too bad it cost money to make those changes!
I don't even know what our style would be and I'm not sure how to go about
getting it...but I do know it definately needs updating!
How do you go about finding your style?!


J said...

First of all, if you decide to get rid of that table, I call dibs! (Was I the first commentor???)

Second of all, I had the same "finding my style" problem when I got married. My sister (the interior decorator) told me to buy lots of magazines and tear out pages of rooms that I like. Then go back through and find the common thread (colors, styles, themes, etc). It worked.
Maybe you could try it.

And, she always stresses don't be too "matchy, matchy"...don't be afraid to mix it up.

Good luck!

Cindy said...

Oh I am so glad you did this post. I was thinking in the middle of the night (when I couldn't sleep...) that this would be a great post for you to do. What a story and what a great find!! I cannot believe you got that table and chairs for THAT price. And way to go Eric for seeing the potential.
I know what you mean about wanting a new style. We have a lot of primitive/country stuff that I am ready to get rid of too. Slowly but surely I am doing just that. I cleaned off a whole bookcase and shelf on the way to the basement of old stuff I was just tired of looking at. I haven't replaced it yet...I know that will take time. My thinking was a blank canvas would motivate me!!:) I like J's idea about getting magazines for inspiration. I always love looking at Pottery Barn catalogs for that...and those are free!!!
Enjoy the night

Cherie said...

Kerri I LOVE your table and think it is oozing with charm!! It has a neat story too.
I always think it's fun to be unique.

I too feel the need to change things up a bit. We are in a time of life where extra money goes to things like college costs and weddings but I try and do 1 or 2 things each year and someday we will get there. I don't know how you know your style I just buy things I like :-D

Bridget said...

What a neat story about your table!!

sloan said...

love the story of that table - whatever you decide about the style change that you're looking for, please promise you'll keep the table!!

Lorri said...

How fun! What a great find. It has great character.

Kerri said...

That table is FAB!

Nicolle said...

Hi friend! Was just coming over to comment when I saw your comment. I've missed you too. It's been hectic around here the last few days.

I love how the table looks. Eric is so great at fixing up things and I'm glad he had the vision for this table. I think it's beautiful. I love the chairs also. That is too funny what Brady said about the table. Kids are hilarious. BUT, it's definitely not ugly at all.

I don't really have a style. I stick with things I love, and that make me happy. Some rooms in our house are a hodge podge. I just try to keep it simple, with personal touches. I like things we've picked up on trips, personal photos, etc. I think your home is very cute and very charming!

Have a great Sunday!

Susan said...

That is one amazing table my friend. I LOVE it. I'm surprised Brady even noticed furniture style at 4 years old...he's one of a kind that little guy.
As far as "finding your style". I have NONE. I don't just have no sense of style and decorating...I have a NEGATIVE sense of style and decorating. Some people have vision and skill in that area and I definitely do not. However, having said that, I still love my house and feel very at home and comfortable in it.
I think for me, I would have to look in a magazine to find something I like (Pottery Barn) and then totally copy it. Either that or hire a decorator to come in and do it all for me.
I bet you have some great opportunities to find great furniture living in Amish country, no?

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Love the table!!
Makes it so special with that story.

Jill said...

I love the table, and it's even more precious that your husband redid it. :-)

Have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

What a great table! As far as finding that one style...I never could. Our house is a mix. I'm not sure what I'd call it :) Your table will look great with anything!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Hi Kerry,
I'm catching up on my reading this morning. And I too have a very country house when I first got married.... 17 years ago. You know the country green and burgundy along with shelves with hearts cut out...ack. Anyway something I've found to be a very easy way to completely change up a look is simply paint it a new colour. The walls furniture. Your table and chairs could be completely transformed with a different colour. Have fun with it. The bottom of the table could be kelly green and the chairs white or black. Then paint the walls and voila completely new space, without breaking the bank and still feeling like home.

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