Friday, February 18, 2011

Checking In With Some Favorite Finds

Thank goodness it's Friday!  What a week we've had here.  I was finally able to leave the house yesterday after being home for six days!  Thankfully, Brady and I are both back to our old selves again...and Eric has somehow managed to avoid the stomach bug.  We are in the 60's today.  I have all the windows open so the germs can be on their merry way.

Thanks for all your comments and emails regarding chosing a paint color.  My head was spinning from all your comments!  My poor husband had to listen to me go on and on after reading comments about painting our cabinets white.  I bet he was really happy that I posted that question!  Maybe someday we will be able to do that.  For now, it's not in the cards.   I was sick on Tuesday, so we had to postpone painting until this coming week.   I can't wait.  I'll wait to show you the color we chose!

Here are some of my favorite things from this week:
Subway's Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie!
This cookie was worth every bite...or at least I thought so at the time! 
 Little chunks of vanilla cheesecake mixed with raspberries.  So good. 
 I came home and looked up the nutrional info on it. 
 210 calories and 9 grams of fat in one cookie.
Yikes!  It totally defeated the purpose of the veggie sub I started with.

My friend Toni suprised me with this for my birthday. 
She found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.   She said she
saw Jen's post about them, and knew she wanted to get me one to help
encourage me to drink more water.  I absolutely LOVE it!  The water
really does stay cold longer and there isn't any sweating on the tumbler at all.
Most of all, I love the fun colors! 

Mint Basil Soy Candle
I found this mint basil candle at Target.  It truly smells like a spa in my house...or
what I imagine what a spa would smell like!  It's a very clean and fresh smell.  Love it.

I don't usually buy cookies but when I saw these at Walmart, I wanted
to try them.  If you like pina will love these.
They are little tiny powdery pina colada goodness.  It's a good
thing the box of cookies isn't very big...because I had a hard time putting
them down.

I'd love to hear about your favorite finds!

Have a great weekend!


      Jen said...

      Your Tervis is sooooo cute! Our Bed Bath and Beyond doesn't have these cute ones.
      I know you love it!
      Glad you are feeling better and hapy painting!

      Nicolle said...

      I love the tumbler. I have seen a set of similar tumblers at Costco, but they have straws with them too, and I keep passing them up. I'm buying them next time I go. I bet the candle smells good. I'm definitely looking for that box of cookies next time I'm at Wmart. They look delicious!

      Bridget said...

      Glad you and Brady are feeling better and love your favorite finds. I blogged about my newest fav find yesterday...International Delight Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer...YUM!

      I wanna Tervis tumbler, too. Gonna have to go to BB&B to find one...soon.

      Traci said...

      Glad you're all feeling better. I almost bought that candle the other day!

      J said...

      I was wondering if you were sick! I missed ya!
      I am so glad you and Brady are well.

      I can't believe you are making us wait in suspence about the color!!!

      You know I love the post on the "favorites." :)

      Have a great weekend,

      Cherie said...

      I am glad to hear that you and Brady are both feeling better. The stomach bug is yucky!!
      That tumbler is super cool - I may have to go check that out.

      And what is this? Did you recently have a birthday? Did I miss the news?

      Hope you have a Wonderful weekend!!

      Karina said...

      I hear you guys stole all our California sunshine. Can you send some back our way. I love the basil/mint combination - it's one of my current favorites and a nice change from my usual vanilla. Have a great weekend.

      Donna said...

      Treasures today!! You have neat things favs are the raspberry cookies! Yum! Looks so good!
      Looking forward to seeing your room painted...BTW Happy Birthday!!!!

      Stef said...

      Sick is no fun. Glad you are all feeling better. I have to say that Pina Colada isn't a pleasant taste for me. My only experience with it is the topical that my dentist put in my mouth growing up. So the thought of that taste makes me sick to my stomach. Dumb, huh. But I do love your glass. Fun!

      Kim said...

      Glad you're all feeling better. I can't wait to see the paint color you chose!!!!

      Cindy said...

      So glad you all are feeling better...nothing quite like those first few days of coming back to life, you feel like you can tackle the world!:)

      Love these Friday Favorites of yours. I need to get something like this together too.

      Our Subway doesn't have those cookies, but they look super yummy. I saw that candle at Target, I love the vintage looking tin. I got the vanilla one.

      Can't wait to see the paint color...don't keep us all waiting too long.:)
      Have a happy night

      Did you get that comment I left about the cabinet paint...I left it on an older post and wasn't sure you would see it.

      sloan said...

      YAY for Friday Favorites - and an even bigger YAY for you guys being fully recovered!! Your tervis is so cute and fun, the ones at our BBB aren't nearly as cute ... and i'm putting that candle on my Target list ;-) Can't wait for the paint post!!

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