Friday, January 7, 2011

A Game and A Treat

I'm not feeling very creative lately.
And, I don't really have anything to blog about either.

Maybe we can just chit chat for a little bit?  If you're not too busy.
I think I've just been lonely this week with my two favorite guys gone all day.
I kind of wish I had that week after Christmas back where we were just hanging out together.

I am happy that it's Friday!
We did get a little snow during the night...
and so the schools had a two hour delay today.   Yay!

We played this game with our extra time this morning.

One of Brady's Christmas gifts.  We found it at Toys R' Us for 4.99.
We have played and played and played it!
Eric and I have also played a game or two when Brady was in bed!
It really helps with addition too...but you don't have to tell the kids!

The other night Brady was in his room for quite awhile...and when he came out,
he wanted to show us a little gift he had put together for a boy in his class.
The boy's birthday was the next day...and he wanted to give him something.
Well, when I picked Brady up from school the next day...he was very sad.
Nick, the birthday boy did not say thank-you to Brady for the gift.
In fact, Brady said Nick didn't say anything when he gave him the card and bag
of goodies.  He put it in his backpack that morning and never said a word about it.
Birthday's aren't really celebrated at his school.
So, maybe Nick was embarrassed or something. 
I didn't know what to say to Brady other than, "maybe Nick's parents didn't teach him any
manners."  I know, I said that. 

I never got a chance to post about these yummy parfaits I made
for a Christmas get together.  Take away the candy canes
and you have a fun winter treat.

I added little marshmallows to the chocolate cake and lots of marshmallow
fluff to a can of frosting to make the topping super thick.  Sprinkle with cocoa.
The best part was the little tiny spoons I found at a supply store!  Twenty-five
spoons for .52 cents!

I Hope everyone has a great weekend!


gabe said...

what a fun chatty post, Kerri.

I think everyone is feeling the yucks this week. Hard to stay motivated, I know all I want to do today is climb into bed!

Have a great weekend!

Nicolle said...

Oh, I'm very bummed for Brady. That breaks my heart. Especially since he was so excited about getting the gift together. Tell Brady that I think he is a super special and very thoughtful little man!

That board game sounds like fun. We need to play games more often, at least Kevin and I....Boyd is not quite old enough yet. I always say I want to do this at night instead of TV, then we get lazy and just watch TV.

Have a good weekend. We might get some snow too. :)

Jill said...

So sad he didn't get a thank you. I can't imagine not saying it to someone, but I guess it's a sign of the times and how things are changing. :-( Those parfaits look delicious! Yum! I think the week after the holidays is hard to get going, I've felt it too. I hope you have a great weekend!


Lorri said...

I would have probably said that, too.

Cindy said...

Oh I'll pull up a chair and chat with you any day!!:)
So sorry for Brady....that really stinks. Hopefully he won't let this one small incident stop him from doing things just like this in the future. Something tells me he won't!:)

I have never heard of that game before. Sounds super fun and you can't beat the price. We got Bananagrams for Christmas and are going to play that tonight. Hope it's a good one.
Enjoy the weekend

Cherie said...

Aww poor Brady. I loved the beautiful card he wrote for his friend. I do have to say that most boys, especially that age, probably just do not know how to react to receiving a gift. I am sure the boy probably really loved it.

Those parfaits are really really cute! Those are the kinds of things I put in my idea file.

I think after Christmas is kind of a let-down time. Still tired after all the hoop-la and getting back into a routine and a new year. I know I feel kind of zapped too!

Donna said...

Well the parfaits are just decadent!! Thanks for a good idea!
As for being lonely...been there (empty nest)...I have learned to really enjoy moments alone. You as a mom, don't really have a lot of relaxing time so...put on a cozy robe, take a bubble bath, put on relaxing music and read a good book or turn on a fun flick!!
As for the birthday gift is a teaching moment. You did well but also may want to tell Brady that now he knows how it feels not to be thanked so always try to remember to do that to others. Too bad learning many times comes with a little hurt. I always ached for my kids when things happened...and it does!
Thanks for the chat...come over for tea anytime!!

Kerri said...

Poor Brady! My Brodie is having similar issues with his "friends" in PreK. It breaks my heart to hear him say "Jack didn't like my show and tell today and I took it just for him to see" :(((( It's a CRUEL world to such sincere little hearts.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kerri, I have never heard of this game before! I need to get it for my nephews!
Oh! poor Brady! I wonder if that was it... the little boy didn't know what to say so he said nothing.
Either way... it hurt your little guy's feelings. ) :
you will be proud of me, no pop for me today. green tea and water!
Have a pretty day!

jen said...

Thanks for your inspiration on the soda thing. Still trying on this front, but I'll get better.
And thanks for the chat. Sometimes that's what I need.

J said...

Aw, I get bummed out when kids let each other down! At least Brady's parents taught him good manners! :)

Good, chatty post! Love it!

I've never seen that game before. Looks fun and I like a game that sneaks in a little education.

sloan said...

kerri, i'm so sad for brady - he has such a heart of gold and when that doesn't get recognized, it just breaks my heart ;-) I hope you'll have a follow up that the other little boy eventually did better by him after the fact ...

beachhouse etc. said...

you are raising a wonderful individual thanks for stopping by...suzanne think sunshine

Susan said...

That makes me so sad for Brady. He was so thoughtful. All you can say is, someone is raising their child to be thoughtful and gracious and someone isn't.
Those parfaits look delightful.
No school today...too much snow (insert cheering kiddos).

Jen said...

First...congrats and an internet high five from me.
Sweet Brady. He is so thoughtful, hard to know what to say!
That game looks cute. Love the little inexpensive ones. they are always the best!

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