Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Finds!

I tried this oatmeal  for lunch yesterday at McDonalds and it was AWESOME...
and I'm not even a big fan of oatmeal!  It seemed too good to be I came home
and googled the nutrional info and it's 260 calories for a good sized container.
I will look forward to having this again sometime SOON!

These caught my eye the other day over near the deli at Walmart.
I'm a huge fan of anything "buffalo" so I had to try them.
They are amazing!  They have the perfect taste and aren't really spicy at all.
I have tried other pretzel thins before and never really enjoyed them.
But these, I need to find a special hiding spot for so I don't have
to share them with anyone!


I would love to do a link party of "Favorite Finds" sometime.  There's only
one little problem...I don't know how to have a link party!  
Maybe someone else could take this on?  We could call it Favorite Finds Friday!
 Wouldn't it be fun to see what other people are buying and enjoying?! 
 I love when other bloggers recommend things they have tried and loved.

Here are a few things I have tried recently that have come from other bloggers!

Nicolle shared her love of these bath salts with her readers.
They can be found at Walmart...a big bag for $4.00.
I tried the lavendar (sleep) salts and now I find myself wanting to take
a bath every evening!

Jen blogged about how much she likes the new Key Lime Dessert gum....
so, of course I wanted to try it!  And she was does take just
like Key Lime Pie.  You can even taste the crust!  So good!

Ever since Sarah said she loves the Target brand cucumber cleaner for her
kitchen...I wanted to try it.  She has a beautiful kitchen.
She was right.  It smells great and you can't beat the price.
I'm on my 3rd bottle.  Right now I have the sea minerals...
but I too love the cucumber scent the best!


I hope you will share some of your favorite finds too!
Suggestions and recommendations from blog friends
are the BEST


Kristen said...

Kerri! I'm a new follower :) And I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blogs!
....and we LOVE the oatmeal at McDonald's too! My 2 year old actually eats it- and you know how picky 2 year olds can be! haha :)

I look forward to keeping up with your blog and I think a Favorite Finds Friday would be fun!

J said...

I love this idea! I have been trying lots of new things recently with all my new/healthy eating!

I think it would encourage lots of us to branch out and try something new and fun. :)

I don't know how to have a linky party either. I still need to learn A LOT.


J said...
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Lorri said...

That is a fantastic idea! If iknewhow todoit, I would. Neat!

Donna said...

Good tips Kerri. Love the Method stuff too but the cost depends on where you buy it. They have it at my grocery and it's a lot there vs. Target.
Love the buffalo chips too!! They make just plain pretzel flats that are great with dips etc. Fun post!!

Nicolle said...

I keep wanting to try that new oatmeal, and now I just might!

Those buffalo pretzels look yummy too. I love anything with buffalo flavor. I have always wanted to try Method. I haven't yet. I want to use citrus/fruity smelling cleaners and candles. They just make a house so fresh.

I love sharing favorite things and inspiring others. This is a great post! :)

J said...

I meant to say I was going to post on this tomorrow...for FRIDAY! Can you tell I want it to be the weekend already?! :)

gmontalvo13 said...

love these! thanks for sharing!

Traci said...

I don't know how either, but it's a great idea! I'll definitely be trying that oatmeal. I think I'll get some today on my way to target. I also have used the Method cumcumber scent ever since Sarah wrote about it, and I LOVE it.

Holly Erwin said...

I HAVE to try the bath salt...
even with rubber ducks, sponge letters, and tiny boats floating by-- some smell-good salts have to make me feel a little more adult-like!!

Jenny said...

Those pretzel twists are so yummy. I am a pretzel fanatic and those rock! I am wanting to try the mcd oatmeal too so thanks for the heads up.

sloan said...

Kerri this is a GREAT idea to have a "Favorite Finds" sharing day - I LOVE IT!!! I'm not the one to take it on (dear god, I can't even change my blog header!) , but I sure hope it materializes ... maybe Jen or Dana can enlighten you as to how to host a link-up??


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I love finding out what others favourites are. I just started using Mrs. Meyers counter spray because of a post on The Nester. Annnnd... your blog header is just beautiful. Love the colours and the great model you found : )

Cherie said...

OK this caught my eye especially because McDonalds here has really been pushing the Oatmeal and I thought it was pretty funny...I mean, come on, Oatmeal. So it is nice that you tried it and even googled the info. See, now I want to try it too! :-D

your friends the keyes said...

I"m going to start with trying those bath salts. We just moved into a house that has a huge master tub and i LOVE bath time. So those salts sound great to me. I've been doing alot of bubble bath but I hate when it's time to get out and I have to fight off all the bubbles so I"m going to pick up a bag of those salts STAT. ;-)

jen said...

I'm glad to see you like the gum. Now if they could just make the flavor last longer ...
I was going to buy that cleaning stuff when I was at Target, but I got so distracted by the pillows and stuff. Next trip, won't be long!

Kerri said...

Great idea! I know how to do the linkys - and have tried a few - but have not had ONE SINGLE PARTICIPANT!!! lol!

Kim said...

I'm impressed that you passed up a burger and fries for oatmeal at lunch! I love oatmeal, but I don't think I'd order it over fries for lunch. :)

Thank you for your sweet comments about my sister and mom. I really appreciate your friendship!

Seizing My Day said...

Oh fun.... I might need to do a Starbuck oatmeal vs. McDonald's oatmeal test!!! =) ha ha!! Too fun!! My favorite thing is Metromint Water... I stretch one bottle into three... b/c it is strong... bonus... 3 for the price of one!! I love the fresh minty taste... and NO sugar!! win win win! Have a great weekend!

Pam said...

I use some of the Method stuff too but I'm truly a Mrs. Meyers girl! I've ben using her cleaning supplies for a long time!

Corners of My Life said...

I am looking forward to trying the oatmeal and the gum. Thanks.

Stef said...

Have you tried their mint chocolate chip gum. That is good stuff. Seriously. And I agree. You should totally do a link up and I would participate. Absolutely!

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely try the oatmeal!

Donna said...

Hi Kerri...I ordered my blog book from "cutest blog on the block" was easy! I did it in one year increments and hope to continue that. Blogger also has a site and snapfish does too. There are probably many on photo sites. I LOVE my book...almost feel like an author! lol ~But anyway it's such a great way to keep memories.

Jill said...

My husband was just saying he wanted to try the oatmeal at McD's. We don't really go there anymore though. Would be a neat idea to link up and share ideas of new finds :-0 Hope you are having a great weekend!

Cindy said...

Thought that oatmeal looked yummy!
Thanks for the tip.
We love Method brand stuff too.
Enjoy the day

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

I've been wondering about that oatmeal. I'll have to give it a try one of these days.

I love seeing other blogger's favorites too. It's such a fun way to find new products.

Karina said...

A linky party is a great idea....I love hearing what everyone else has tried.

Those McDonalds oatmeal commercials make it look so good. I'm not a big oatmeal eater either, but one chilly morning I just had to we made it at home - it was delicious.

Stephanie the PW said...

My mom uses that cleaner! (sorry... she just raves and raves about it, that's why i got super excited when I saw that you use it, too!)

I'm definitely trying the buffalo pretzels - now, on to the oatmeal.

You are, no kidding, like the 30th person to blog about or personally tell me how fantastic that stuff is! I pass a McDonalds on my way to work every single day. Why in the world can I not make myself STOP and ENJOY it for the first time??? I promise, when i finally eat the oatmeal, i will blog allll about it. I love mcDonald's, too! I'm just too lazy in the a.m. and don't wnat the oatmeal in the evenings. I'm totally going to try it. and i want all of that fun stuff on top, too. :)

Nicolle said...

I came back to this post to see what scent you liked on the Method cleaner. I bought the pink grapefruit and have been using it for about a week now. I love it. Our Target was out of the cucumber, or I would have tried that one. I love citrus scents, especially citrus candles! I'm glad you reminded me about this, I've been wanting to buy it forever. :)

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