Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Hope I Haven't Misled You

You guys always leave the nicest comments about my son. Hahahhahaha! 
Sorry.   I am just feeling the need to set the record straight!
Last week was a difficult week for us.  Brady was in rare form.
His listening skills leave a lot to be desired and he's been very selfish the last few days.
That, and he always thinks he's right..which drives me crazy.
I'm not sure if he's bored being cooped up inside the house or what.
We are feeling the need to tighten the reins and gain back some control.
It usually only takes a few days to get back on track....but I find every so often we need to do this.

Looks like a brat here, right?!

So, today is our first real snow day.  We had an ice storm during the night.  No school.  Usually you  know I am thrilled about this...a nice day home with my son  all to myself.  Yikes!  Well, I was kind of looking forward to him going back to school today!  Hopefully we will have a better day than the one we had yesterday.  So far so good.   He's trying really hard this morning to be extra nice!  I know, it's still early...but I'll take what I can get today!

Have a good one!


Karina said...

I know the feeling. Some times I think either my daughter or I are bi-polar. Some days are perfect together and then it can all turn bad at a moments notice. This too will pass. I already miss the baby days, so I'm careful to try and make these moments as good as I can, because I know they will be gone soon too.

A little chocolate therapy always helps.

Susan said...

Kids are just that way aren't they? One minute they are sweet, adorable, little angels and the next you are seriously considering calling a priest to perform an exorcism.
I guess that's one of the benefits of having five children. I'm usually guaranteed that at least one will be congenial at any given time. They keep me sane and drive me insane sometimes, but I'll take it all.
You can send Brady off to my place anythime. I'll have him shoveling out the barn with the rest of them, he'll learn to appreciate his family and his life right fast.

Jen said...

I still think he is really cool.

jen said...

THANK HEAVEN HE'S HUMAN. I was beginning to wonder why mine are all so wild and weird.
Good luck, Mom.

Holly Erwin said...

Mine has been a pistol for the last couple of days too...
But, it is the lows that make the highs that much better!!
Right?! :)

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

The whole I am right I bet is pretty normal for this age. All three went through it, and my eight year old is endearingly doing it now. The perspective of having gone through it three times gives me hope.

La said...

That's the way it was when I was raising my son. From time-to-time, I'd have to reel him in.

I'm pretty restless myself...too many days inside with the windows closed. :o) La

Bridget said...

We were cooped up for four days last weekend (last Monday and Tuesday were snow days here) and then we had a three day weekend this weekend all cooped up....yep, I'm not even playin' I was ready for school this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Kerri, we go through this all the time. It can be like a roller coaster. Sometims it hits rock bottom, and we have to tighten up the reins too. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and leave you wondering "Geez, when did he start acting like this?" Totally normal, but can still drive us Moms crazy!

sloan said...

Brady would be nicely paired with my 12-year-old - 'cuz she's definitely always right!! And he'd pick up some great eye rolling moves from her, too ;-)

Lorri said...

I honestly think that our children go through these stages to keep us on our toes. It is exhausting! :) hope it was a great day!

Cherie said...

Wait! What? You mean he is not a perfect little angel?!! Ha Ha Love the picture! I still can't help but think he is one great kiddo!!

Lorri said...

I forgot to tell you- the headband is on the dollar isle at Target!

Stef said...

Those are the days you wake up and think...Really. A snow day!? Do you want me to kill my children?? I bet he is a right normal kid...cute...but normal! I will pray for melted snow for ya!

Nicolle said...

I hope the day got better for you and that you didn't go crazy having him home from school! :) I know Boyd is just now almost 3, but I can definitely see how they can change in an instant. You still have such a great little boy, even when he is a challenge! :)

Jess said...

storm+full moon= crazy cranky kids!! we had a snow day on Tuesday after having a wonderful 3 day weekend with the kids, it was like they saved all their yuckas for Tuesday!!! fighting, tantrums, whining, tattling...omg....sent to their rooms!! now we are waiting to see if Friday is going to be ANOTHER storm!! ughhh!!

Corners of My Life said...

My best advice while raising 4 children came from John Rosemond. I read everyone of his books and visited his web page faithfully.

Cindy said...

This was so cute Kerri!!!
Love that picture!
Even sassy he's cute!
Hoping your day turned around...we all have them believe me!!
Enjoy the night

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