Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Blog?

Why would I want to start a blog? Well, I'm not even totally sure of that answer yet myself! Everybody's doing it?! No. That's not it. Maybe it's that I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and want to try it too! That's sort of it. I'm an okay writer...but I often have trouble putting my thoughts down on paper. When I found out my husband and I were expecting our first child, I ran right out and bought a really cute journal so that I could write down and keep track of everything I was feeling. Wouldn't it be awesome to share someday with my child how much he/she was wanted and already loved before they were even born? I was so excited to be a mom and I wanted to remember everything. Well, I never wrote one lousy sentence in that journal. I even went and bought a second that was a month to month journal calendar. The calendar had small day to day spaces to write in, which I thought would be much easier. I never wrote in that calendar either. The truth is, I wanted my journal to be so "perfect" that I ended up not doing it at all. So pathetic, I know....

Here's my list of reasons for starting a blog:
1. I want to blog to remember this season in my life.

2. I want my blog to be a journal of my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

3. I want my blog to be a creative outlet.

4. I'd like to share craft ideas and recipes with others.

5. I want my blog to be a conversation with others...a way to connect with people who share common interests and values.

6. I want my blog to be like a big email to my family that lives far away.

7. I just turned 40 and have wanted to start a blog for awhile...what better time to start than now!

8. Having a blog is FREE!

So, Why blog?  Why not?!


Blasé said...

So, how's that blogging coming along?

Kerri said...

Hey! My first comment! I was suprised to see it, since I haven't shared with anyone that I was starting a blog! I was just doing some "practice" posts! I'm still trying to figure out how all this works!

Karen said...

Hey Kerri! Some of your reasons for starting a blog are mine too! I had wanted to do it for a awhile & I figured I need to start taking action on ideas I have instead of just thinking about it.

Kymmie said...

Hi! I'm just popping in after reading your latest post. And do you know what? All those reasons (except for the last one) are the reasons why I blog. As for 40? I'm there in September... It's a lovely space here. xx

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