Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Flower Beds

Ok, so these aren't my flowers or my yard...but this is how I would LOVE for my flower beds to look!  I don't think that's asking too much.  It's simple, clean, colorful and without weeds!

              This however, is how my flower beds actually look.                 

I just would rather watch paint dry don't enjoy pulling weeds, mulching, trimming, edging and whatever else goes along with maintaining an area like the first picture.  I always admire other people's flowers and wish mine could look nice too.  The truth is, I don't like getting all dirty and I really hate some all of the "stuff" that lives under the dirt! 

The big problem I have right now is that I didn't do a good job in the fall preparing for the spring!  I see my neighbors in their yards at the end of summer, cutting things back and tyding up their beds to make things easier come least that's why I assume they are doing it.  As you can see...I have weeds, leaves, and I never trimmed anything back last fall. 

I have been thinking (for the last three years!) about trying to find a couple of Amish girls I could hire for just a few visits to get things in order for me.  My husband says to "go for it!"  Maybe they could give me some tips too!  Their yards are always so immaculate...maybe they have a magic solution they could share with me on how to keep the weeds away!  

Maybe I should just do what I do every spring....get out there and just do it!  Usually by Mother's Day I have things looking pretty decent...and I always feel kind of proud of myself when it's all finished.  But that's just's never really finished and come July...many of my annuals are dead and my perrenials are out of control.  Mix in all the weeds and it feels overwhelming again! Maybe I'll just stick to admiring everyone else's yard!

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