Friday, April 16, 2010

We Love Junie B. Jones!

My son and I started reading Junie B. Jones chapter books this fall.  I just happened upon the first book at a consignment shop and picked it up for fifty cents.  I had never heard of Junie B. before, but as I read over the first few pages....I was pretty sure Brady would think the book was funny.  I was also at that time, finding it difficult to get him to read other than his required homework.  The collection of books start out with Junie B. in kindergarten and then she goes onto first grade.  My son is is first grade and they are right at his reading level.  We started out taking turns reading the pages out loud...but I must admit, I do most of the reading. 
 Last month, I surprised Brady with tickets to a nearby children's theatre to see Junie B. Jones.  Such a cute play, we both really enjoyed it.  I guess it's true, if you want your children to be excited about reading, you need to find books that are interesting to them.  It seems to me that there are way more exciting books these days for kids than when I was growing up.  I'm not much of a reader myself...but I'm trying to "fake it" because I want my son to grow up and enjoy reading more than I do!

This was one of our favorite books.  Here's a few paragraphs of Junie B.'s first time of the school bus.

     Mr. Woo shut the bus door.  It wasn't a regular kind of door, though.  It folded in half.  And when it closed, it made a swishy sound.
     I don't like that kind of door.  If it closes on you by accident, it will cut you in half, and you will make a squishy sound.
     The bus made a big roar.  Then a big puff of black smelly smoke came out the back end of it.  It's called bus breath, I think.

Brady and I usually read a couple of chapters every morning while we wait for the bus.  Many mornings, Brady wants to hurry and get ready for school so we have more reading time.  Crazy, I know...because this does not sound like my son at all!  We have read almost the entire collection of books...and I'm sad that we only have a few books left to read.  I hope we are able to find another collection of books that we enjoy reading together just as much as Junie B. Jones!

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