Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Very Unorganized Pantry!

I've been trying to get my pantry organized the last couple of days.  I've been busy with other things,  so I've only been able to work on it a little here and there.   I'm not sure why I've let this space get so out of control...( maybe because it's all contained behind a closed door and no one sees it) but I'm on a mission to get it organized and cleaned up! The pantry has always been one of my favorite things about our house...but by the looks of it you would never know it.

As soon as I'm finished, I will post some pictures.   It's already looking a million times better...although you're probably thinking... gee, that wouldn't take much!


Jen said...

Hey Kerri! You are so like me. I love my pantry, but I'm not including it on the house tour.
I can't wait to see how it turns out. I wrote a post about a shoe bag I have hanging on the wall in my pantry. Check it looks like your pantry is similar to mine and it might work for you too.
Happy organizing!

Karen said...

Kerri, you are so funny. That pantry would be considered very organized here in our house. I'm curious to see your After photos.

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